With its 18 research centres, INRAE is anchored in all of France’s regions. INRAE has 14 scientific divisions that are tied to specific disciplines but that strongly encourage interdisciplinarity. An organisation that works to produce knowledge, foster innovation, provide expertise, and inform public policies.

Our 18 research centres

Map of INRAE Centres

Centre President
French West Indies and French Guiana Harry Ozier-Lafontaine
Burgundy-Franche-Comté Nathalie Munier Jolain
Brittany-Normandy Hélène Lucas
Clermont - Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Emmanuel Hugo
Lyon-Grenoble - Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Pascal Boistard
Corsica François Casabianca
Grand Est-Colmar Serge Kauffmann
Grand Est-Nancy Meriem Fournier
Hauts-de-France Jean Tayeb
Île-de-France - Jouy-en-Josas-Antony Thierry Pineau
Île-de-France - Versailles-Grignon Camille Michon
Nouvelle-Aquitaine-Bordeaux Olivier Lavialle
Nouvelle-Aquitaine-Poitiers Abraham Escobar-Gutierrez
Occitanie-Montpellier Sylvain Labbé
Occitanie-Toulouse Pierre-Benoit Joly
Pays de la Loire Emmanuelle Chevassus Lozza
Provence-Alpes-Côte d’azur Jean-Philippe Nabot
Val de Loire Catherine Beaumont

The Institute's Head Office is in two locations.

Head Office Head administrator
Paris-Antony Karine Gueritat


Our 14 scientific divisions

Scientific division Division head
Creation and evaluation of agroecosystems; characterisation of agroecosystem functions and changes at different organisational scales
Philippe Hinsinger
Relationships between food, health, the environment, and society; nutrition security and food toxicology
 Jean Dallongeville
Functions of and changes in aquatic ecosystems, the water cycle, and biogeochemical cycles
Mohamed Naaim
Characterisation of the main functions of plants; management and exploitation of genetic diversity
Isabelle Litrico-Chiarelli
Structures, functions, and changes observed in continental ecosystems little affected by humans
Catherine Bastien
Functions, economic changes, and social changes associated with agriculture, the agrifood industry, food consumption, and the environment
Alban Thomas
Evolutionary dynamics and functions of animal genomes; genetic architecture of traits; management and exploitation of genetic variability
Edwige Quillet
Functioning, management, and exploitation of micro-organisms and microbial ecosystems (food, health, biotechnology)
Sylvie Dequin
Mathematics, informatics, and artificial intelligence; data and digital sciences and technologies; modelling and complex systems
Hervé Monod
Creation of sustainable livestock systems that account for animal welfare; mechanisms behind the development of phenotypes, behaviours, and products
Françoise Médale
Links between livestock health and human health: preventing, detecting, and fighting diseases caused by infectious agents and chemical agents
Muriel Vayssier-Taussat
Environmentally friendly plant - to landscape-level approaches to protecting crops and crop health
Christian Lannou
Transformations in agriculture, socio-ecological systems, and food systems from the perspectives of stakeholders and as manifest in their actions
Benoît Dedieu

Processes for transforming organic matter into food and bio-based products; exploiting waste produced by human activities

Michael O’Donohue

Our structure

Organisation chart


INRAE Organisation chart

(1) Scientific director
(2) Deputy director general

Boards and Ethics committee

Scientific Advisory Board - Philippe Gillet

Board of Directors - Philippe Mauguin

Ethics Committee - Axel Kahn

Chair and Chief Executive Officer

Philippe Mauguin, PDG

Philippe Mauguin, Chair and Chief Executive Officer




Françoise Simon-Plas,
Head of Ethics, Research Integrity and Code of Conduct for Research Projects

Catherine Beaumont,
Head of Equality and Non-Discrimination


Scientific directors


Directorate General for  Expertise & Support for Public Policies


Directorate General for Science & Innovation

Frédéric Gaymard

Frédéric Gaymard,
Directior of Evaluation 

Gilles Aumont

Gilles Aumont,
Head of Research Infrastructure



Michaël Chelles,
Head of Digital Transition 

David Caffier,
Head of Biosafety

Christophe Roturier,
Head of Science in Society

Directorate General for Resources

Benoit Malpaux

Benoit Malpaux,
Director of Human Resources and Sustainable Development

Pierre Paris, Direction de Coordination des SDAR

Pierre Paris,
Director of Coordination of Research Support Services

Louis-Augustin Julien

Louis-Augustin Julien,
Director of Finance and Procurement

Philippe Martin

Philippe Martin,
Head Accountant

Guillaume Pinget

Guillaume Pinget,
Director for Assets and Property

Isabelle Blanc

Isabelle Blanc, Director of Support for Scientific Management and Administration

Cécile Janet,
Director of Legal Affairs

Françoise Roudaut

Françoise Roudaut,
Director of Information Services

Karine Guéritat

Karine Guéritat,
Head Administrator at Head Office

Nathalie Gandon,
Head of Data Protection 

Nicolas Bécard,
Head of Security and Defence