Science, innovation and expertise

Placing science, innovation, and expertise at the centre of society-policy dialogue

INRAE is tackling major, complex societal challenges that involve a wide range of economic stakeholders, community stakeholders, and public policies. The resulting relationships underpin the innovation process and drive all manner of impacts. We are committed to open science, knowledge sharing, and scientific exchanges with society. Furthermore, INRAE scientists have created a real-time analysis tool, ASIRPA, that researchers can use to visualise and then accelerate or amplify the impacts of a research project or programme at different developmental stages. This investment reflects the institute’s full-fledged commitment to fostering innovation and building expertise of all kinds. The end goal is to serve the common good and promote sustainable development.

  • Collaborative research that fosters innovation by prioritising collaborative construction and production
  • Scientific expertise as a tool for confronting major challenges, encouraging societal exchanges, and informing public policies
  • Open science and shared knowledge


From 2021, associated partnership laboratories (LPA) are being set up on the basis of a programme with public partners and companies, for the co-construction of innovative projects.
5 LPA projects are currently underway, the first of which will be launched with Terres Innovia and the Institute for Genetics, Environment and Plant Protection - IGEP (INRAE/Agrocampus Rennes/Université Rennes 1).

Further illustrations: Living labs (in French)  |  Asirpa: the impacts of INRAE's research for society

Foster innovation

We firmly believe in the collaborative creation of value, carried out hand in hand with academic partners, technical R&D institutes, stakeholders from the public and private sectors, and members of the general public. This framework makes our work more effective: we can match our research with the needs of partners and/or entrepreneurs, more rapidly test our discoveries in the field and/or on the market, accelerate knowledge dissemination, and efficiently transform our findings into all types of innovations. We are thus taking new actions to further foster innovation.

Support and expertise to decision-makers

Public policies take a systemic approach to environmental and societal shifts. INRAE provides support and expertise to decision-makers, helping them design, evaluate, and guide national and international public policies. In turn, this process provides fodder for the institute’s research, leading to new questions, interpretations, and applications. We also intend to ramp up the visibility and degree of expertise we provide to European and global fora and networks, including the European Commission, the United Nations, and their associated expert panels and agencies.

Open science policies

As part of France’s national programme to promote open science and in accordance with European and international initiatives, INRAE has constructed a roadmap to accelerate its adoption of open science policies and its sharing of knowledge and data. We are also strongly committed to the further development of participatory research and to dialogues with the third-party research stakeholders. We simultaneously recognise the importance of protecting certain discoveries and innovations: “Science must be as open as possible and as closed as necessary”.