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Food, Global Health

Food at the heart of our health

• How can we ensure food security for human populations at local to global scales? • How do our food consumption and dietary habits affect our health and the environment? • What are the relationships between food production systems, food characteristics, and our health? • What actions do we need to take to ensure that everyone has access to a healthy sustainable diet?

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INRAE, French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment

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The carbon market: taking the heat out of the climate crisis

As the climate continues to change, the opportunity has opened up for agriculture, despite its status as a net producer of greenhouse gases, to act as a lever to mitigate the effects of the climate crisis by controlling greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) and moving to positive agricultural practices that sequestrate carbon in the soil. INRAE is working to turn this opportunity into a reality, as Suzanne Reynders tells us.