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2020 news

Three INRAE researchers receive highly selective ERC grants

  • Julie Reveillaud, a specialist in interactions between animals, bacteria and viruses, received a Starting Grant for her project ROSALIND. The grant will enable her to intensify her research on the interactions between the intracellular bacterium Wolbachia and its host, the common mosquito, Culex pipiens, in order to develop alternative control methods against insect-transmitted pathogens – a major public health issue.  Find out more (in French)
  • François Vasseur is specialised in the heredity of traits associated with plant productivity. He has received a Starting Grant for his project PHENOVIGOUR which focuses on the physiological mechanisms involved in the heredity of traits associated with plant productivity. His goal is to understand the performance of hybrid plants, originating from two unrelated lines, to better predict and understand plant selection strategies – a major challenge for agriculture.  Find out more (in French)
  • Olivier Berteau has received a Proof of Concept grant. The grant will enable him to conduct the ENTRAP project which aims at optimizing the biological properties of new molecules for applications in the field of the microbiota and in the fight against pathogenic bacteria.  Find out more