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Olivier Berteau, recipient of an ERC grant, at the forefront of the microbiota

Olivier Berteau, research director at INRAE, conducts innovative research in the biochemistry of the gut microbiota. He is the recipient of one of the prestigious ERC Proof of Concept Grants 2020 (1) which will enable him to develop new applications based on his team’s research work.

Published on 29 July 2020

illustration Olivier Berteau, recipient of an ERC grant, at the forefront of the microbiota

Olivier Berteau will benefit from funding of €150,000 to conduct the ENTRAP project (Engineering of natural products). He is one of 8 recipients based in France selected in this second round of the ERC Proof of Concept 2020 competition which has awarded grants to 55 European projects out of 172 applications. This new project continues on from an ERC Consolidator Grant obtained in 2013.

The ENTRAP project aims at optimising the biological properties of new molecules for applications in the field of the microbiota and also in the fight against pathogenic bacteria. The research will be conducted by the ChemSyBio team led by Dr Olivier Berteau and Dr Alhosna Benjdia who are studying the molecules (natural products) produced by the microbiota and their effects on the host.

[1] The ERC (European Research Council) programme offers four types of individual grants. The ERC funds scientific excellence at the forefront of knowledge. It is a programme devoted to exploratory research, of which the sole selection criterion is scientific excellence.

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Olivier Berteau Research directorFood and gut microbiology for human health - MICALIS (INRAE, AgroParisTech)


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