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INRAE's research provides the knowledge base necessary to support the acceleration of agricultural, food and environmental transitions, to address the major global challenges.

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#1 INRAE at the One Forest Summit, March 2023
#2 Pesticide-Free Week in Uppsala, May 2023
#3 Transition of food systems globally, October 2023
#4 Mobilising research for the EU 2030 forest strategy, Dec. 2023

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Discover TSARA: Transforming food systems and agriculture through research in partnership with Africa


Launch of the Soil Carbon International Research Consortium (IRC) to provide better access to research, methods and practices related to soil carbon.

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Spotlight on legumes in our diets

Legumes, stars of the lab : To transition to healthy and sustainable diets, an update on research on tomorrow’s foods in this Ressources magazine dossier.

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AlinOVeg, “Innovating in Plant-Based Food” is an ambitious collaborative project supported by the French Government  and operated by Bpifrance.


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Discover IBISBA: the European infrastructure dedicated to industrial biotechnology


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