Grand-Est - Nancy

Our teams carry out research on the adaptation of forest, agricultural and urban ecosystems and soils to global changes, and the sustainable management of these territories. We are contributing to the ecological transition, producing plant and microorganism-based materials and biomolecules.


Animals and Functionality of Animal Products (AFPA)  - INRAE/Univ. de Lorraine

Agro-systems, Regions and Resources (ASTER) - INRAE

Biogeochemistry of Forest Ecosystems (BEF) - INRAE

Bureau of Theoretical and Applied Economics (BETA) - AgroParisTech / CNRS / INRAE / Univ. de Lorraine / Univ. de Strasbourg

Dynamics of Genomes and Microbial Adaptation (Dynamic) - INRAE/Univ. de Lorraine

Division of Agro-resources and Environment (FARE) - INRAE/Univ. Reims Champagne Ardennes

Agronomy and Environment Laboratory (LAE) - INRAE/Univ. de Lorraine

Laboratory of Forest Inventory (LIF) - INRAE/IGN

Laboratory of Studies and Research on Wood Material (LERMaB) - INRAE/Univ. de Lorraine

Soils and Environment Laboratory  (LSE) - INRAE/Univ. de Lorraine

Plant Health Laboratory specializing in mycology (LSV-M) - ANSES/INRAE

Interactions of Trees & Micro-organisms (IAM) - INRAE/Univ. de Lorraine

Silva (SILVA) - AgroParisTech/INRAE/Univ. de Lorraine

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Grand Est-Nancy Research Centre
rue d' Amance F-54280 Champenoux, FRANCE

Come by bus: use the public line FluoGrandEst - 350 Nancy ↔ Chateau Salins
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