Pays de la Loire

At the heart of an agricultural, horticultural and agrifood basin of prime importance in Europe, the INRAE ​​Pays de la Loire centre has built its identity around the sustainable management of the health of agricultural production (plants and animals), processing sustainable use of agro-bioresources (food and materials) and the health and nutritional quality of food. These themes respond to human health issues.


In response to the major challenge of global food security and global change, our research focuses on the deployment of agroecology through the development of alternative biological and technological levers for multi-performance and understanding of transitions. It integrates the study of agriculture's adaptation to climate change, the production of healthy and sustainable food and the study of the contribution of biotechnologies and processes to new resources.
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In Pays de la Loire, INRAE is the 2nd largest public research organisation. Shared with our five privileged academic partners, our scientific policy is implemented by a community of more than 1,000 people, including more than a hundred PhD students. Its 13 research units are supported by two federative research structures, technical platforms and platforms, biological resource centres and an experimental unit comprising 70 hectares of orchards. Finally, special links exist with GEVES (Groupe d'Etude et de Contrôle des Variétés Et des Semences) two thirds of whose staff are based in Anjou.

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