The Corsica Research Centre plays a major role in its region where it constitutes an asset that is well-regarded and respected by both the public authorities and local actors for its numerous contributions. It has a reputation for producing scientific knowledge of international utility as well as findings that address issues of importance to the region.  Through its many relationships on both shores of the Mediterranean, the Centre has an important and strategic role to play. Its scientific positioning is truly original with respect to the major changes currently under way, such as climate change, market differentiation, sustainable resource management, genetics, health challenges and partnership and participatory research.

Verger de clémentiniers en Corse
Clementine orchard in Corsica



The Corsica Research Centre is INRAE's smallest centre with 4 units at two sites. The Centre benefits from an excellent regional, national and international reputation. INRAE is the largest public research organisation in Corsica. 

The Research Centre currently employs 59 permanent and contract staff.

  • SDAR (Research Support Unit): 11 staff
  • UR AGAP (Genetic Improvement and Adaptation of Mediterranean and Tropical Plants): 5 permanent staff, 4 CIRAD staff and 2 contract staff
  • UE Citrus (Citrus Experimental Unit): 13 permanent staff and 2 contract staff
  • UR SELMET-LRDE (Mediterranean and Tropical Farming Systems Unit -Livestock Development Research Laboratory): 12 permanent staff