The teams in the Hauts-de-France centre conduct their work around two main research axes, the multi-performance of field crop systems for a sustainable bioeconomy, and the hygiene of agrifood processes.

Fête de la science à Aras octobre

One of the challenges of our work is to contribute to the development of field crop systems that are efficient in terms of production and provision of services, economical in terms of inputs and with a low environmental footprint. The second is to improve the quality and safety of food and to limit water consumption in cleaning operations. The centre is also invested in a specific field of expertise, soil analysis in Arras.

Our work is in line with the research and innovation priorities of the region, where the agroecological conversion of field crop systems and the development of plant biomass production and processing chains are major sustainable development issues.


Key figures


  • 5 units including 2 joint research units and 1 experimental unit
  • 91 permanent staff of which 47% are women
  • 23 contractual staff of which 47% are women
  • 43 members of our partners present in the units of our centre


  • 10.3 M€ budget, including 2.1 M€ in own resources
  • 2 platforms: soil analysis platform in Arras and agri-environmental platform in Estrées-Mons including the Observation and Experimentation System for Research and the Environment Agroecosystems, Biogeochemical Cycles and Biodiversity (SOERE ACBB)


  • 44 partnership agreements, including 6 with Europe
  • 17 patents and 3 licenses
  • 72 publications in peer-reviewed journals

Practical information

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