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The French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment is launching its new magazine, Ressources. Every month, we offer you the opportunity to decode a society issue and renew your analysis with scientific knowledge and solutions, stemming from our research results.

Renew your analysis

We live in a world where the free flow of information is so quick, that reality and facts can sometimes become distorted. Ressources is a proposal for time and reflexion: once a month, we offer you the opportunity to renew your analysis and decode a thematic issue affecting society globally, with scientific knowledge and solutions stemming from our research results.

Our aim: to inform, decipher and give you food for thought!

Without being exhaustive, it sheds light on specific matters, to strengthen your knowledge, give analysis and perspective to global challenges on agriculture, food and the environment. We hope that during the coming months, this magazine will provide you with a monthly dose of resources, with science for life, people and the earth. 

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Digital routes to sustainability in agriculture


The digital revolution is already changing every aspect of society, in every parts of the world, and agriculture and food chains are no exception. At the same time, transformative changes for more sustainable agricultural systems are expected over global environmental concerns, due to human activities and climate change. The growing demand for food and the multiplication of geopolitical crisis affecting food security are also calling for efficient and fair systems. To this end, the digitalisation and development of new technologies is offering a formidable spectrum of applications to be used by farmers.

However, the solutions brought by digital technologies are raising environmental issues. The use of natural resources and energy consumption, the accessibility costs to technologies for farmers, as well as insuring a digital transformation at the service of farmers.

How, then, do we make use of the digital and technological innovations to support resilient, efficient and fair sustainable agriculture and food systems? INRAE’s Ressources Magazine dossier showcases INRAE’s work to devise digital systems that are truly useful and sustainable in the field.

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