Ressources, our new magazine

The French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment is launching its new magazine, Ressources. Every month, we offer you the opportunity to decode a society issue and renew your analysis with scientific knowledge and solutions, stemming from our research results.

A magazine that gives you the opportunity to renew your analysis



We live in a world where the free flow of information is so quick, that reality and facts can sometimes become distorted. Ressources is a proposal for time and reflexion: once a month, we offer you the opportunity to renew your analysis and decode a thematic issue affecting society globally, with scientific knowledge and solutions stemming from our research results.

Our aim: to inform, decipher and give you food for thought!

Without being exhaustive, it sheds lights on specific matters, to strengthen your knowledge, give analysis and perspective to global challenges on agriculture, food and the environment. We hope that during the coming months, this magazine will provide you with a monthly dose of resources, with science for life, people and the earth. 

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Our body is home to ecosystems containing billions of microorganisms, known as microbiota. Discovery after discovery, international research, with INRAE’s pioneering work, concluded that gut microbiota is a key determinant of human health, causing a small revolution in our approach to medicine. Journey to the heart of our research to discover our new health ally. 

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