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The gut microbiota, our new health ally

Decoding Dossier
Our body is home to ecosystems containing billions of microorganisms, known as microbiota. Initially studied in the rumen of cattle, the gut microbiota has emerged over the last 40 years as a key determinant of human health, causing a small revolution in our approach to medicine. Journey to the heart of our research to discover our new health ally.

Published on 10 October 2022

The microbiota at a glance!


The gut microbiota


Scientific board

  • Monique Axelos, Scientific Director of Food and the Bioeconomy
  • Lionel Bretillon, Director of the Human Food Departement
  • Marie-Christine Champomier-Verges, Director of Research at the Micalis Institute
  • Sylvie Dequin, Director of the MICA Departement
  • Joël Doré, Research Director at the Micalis Institute and Scientific Director of the MetaGenoPolis unit.