20 23 September 2021 Ended

Bourg lès Valence

INRAE at the 2021 Tech & Bio International Trade Fair

INRAE is a partner of the international Tech&Bio exhibition. We will present our research on climate and biodiversity, and our scientists will speak at various conferences on all the topics covered during these two days.

illustration INRAE at the 2021 Tech & Bio International Trade Fair

Organic agriculture, climate and biodiversity stand (B7)

This year, the INRAE stand (B7) presents research results and projects conducted by the Institute on the links between organic agriculture, climate and biodiversity. You will also be able to learn more about INRAE's work and research strategy on organic agriculture.

Some of our research results


Conference - What roles for biodiversity in the face of climate change in organic farming?

Tuesday 21 September, 15 h-16 h, room 8

  • Impacts of climate change on plant health: what reality? what adaptations? what role for functional biodiversity? by Marie Launay (INRAE PACA AGROCLIM)
  • Crop biodiversity and climate change: cropping systems, varieties and participatory approaches,  by Dominique Desclaux (INRAE Montpellier, UE Mauguio)  
  • Soil biodiversity as a lever for climate change mitigation: would the expansion of organic farming and soil biodiversity promote carbon storage? by Markus Steffens (FIBL)

Conference - The design of agricultural systems in response to and in anticipation of climate change: organic farming as a transition model? 

Wednesday 22 September, 11 h 30-12 h 30, room 8

  • Impacts of climate change on agricultural practices: does climate change make us consider new levers and redesign agricultural systems? by Jean-Marc Touzard (INRAE Montpellier INNOVATION) 
  • Agroforestry as a lever for adapting herbivore farms to climate change: feedback on the impacts of integrating trees in sheep farming, by Cécile Ginane (INRAE Clermont-Ferrand UMRH)
  • Organic farming as a lever for climate change mitigation: would the expansion of organic farming help mitigate greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture? by Thomas Nesme (INRAE Bordeaux Sciences Agro)

INRAE speakers

Tuesday 21 September

  • Research & Innovation: Nicolas Munier-Joulain (UMR Agroécologie, INRAE Dijon) - IPMWORKS: a European network of farmers committed to reducing pesticide use 10 h 15
  • Arable crops: Marie-Hélène Robin (UMR Agir, INRAE Toulouse) - Managing perennials in organic farming11 h 30, room 5
  • Goats: Hugues Caillat (UE Ferlus, Poitiers) and Hervé Hoste (ENVT, INRAE Toulouse) - Zootechnical and antiparasitic benefits of sainfoin grazing by dairy goats 15 h, room 1

Wednesday 22 September

  • Arboriculture: Matthieu Gaucher (UMR IRHS, INRAE Angers) - Protecting crops with natural substances 10 h 15 à 12 h 30, room 7
  • Sheep: Marc Benoit (UMR Herbivores, INRAE Clermont-Ferrand) - Unseasoning practices in organic sheep: challenges, cost and implementation15 h, room 1

Thursday 23 September

  • Land management: Philippe Hinsinger (UMR Eco&Sols, Montpellier) - How to use phosphorus in the soil13 h 45, room 7
  • Rabbits: Thierry Gidenne (UMR GenPhySE, Toulouse) - Organic rabbit management: performance and keys to success 13 h 45, room 1

Unless otherwise indicated, conferences last one hour.

Tech&Bio website: https://www.tech-n-bio.com