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From genes to plant architecture: the shoot apical meristem in all its states

INRAE and the INRIA organized on 28-30 November 2023 in Poitiers (France) the first European conference about integrating the functioning of shoot apical meristems in plant’s architecture. Lateral and terminal meristems were considered so that questions related to apex maintenance, leaf production, stem elongation, ramification, in relation to the environment were addressed, from the molecular to the whole plant levels. 18 presentations including 12 keynotes contributed to the multidisciplinary event for a comprehensive picture of the state of the art and the perspectives in interdisciplinary research. Video captures of conferences as well as presentation files are available below.

illustration From genes to plant architecture: the shoot apical meristem in all its states


Conference opening

Xavier Bernard Foundation
Guy Viollet


INRAE Nouvelle-Aquitaine-Poitiers Centre
Philippe Barre


Morphogenesis at the shoot meristem: a challenging problem
Jan Traas


Session 1: Functionning of the SAM

Chair: Herman Höfte, Jean-Louis Durand



On the initiation and maintenance of shoot meristems
Henrik Jönsson


Short communications:

  • Tight control of division plane orientation is necessary to optimize the growth capacity of tissues and organs in Arabidopsis thaliana
    Magalie Uyttewaal 1_uyttewaal_ifm2a2.pdf pdf - 5.09 MB
  • De novo stem cell establishment in meristems requires repression of organ boundary cell fate
    Patrick Laufs
  • 2_laufs_ifm2a2.pdf pdf - 2.39 MB
  • How mechanical signals contribute to plant resilience after drastic pruning: the case of pollard trees
    Marianne Lang
  • Analysis of natural variation in meristematic conversion
    Jean-Christophe Palauqui
  • Hydraulic stress at the meristem-organ boundaries
    Juan Alonso Serra
  • Computational analysis of cell division patterns in the shoot apical meristem
    Philippe Andrey


Changing SAM geometry and generation of phyllotactic patterns
Dorota Kwiatkowska

5 Kwiatkowska IFM2A2.pdf pdf - 5.98 MB



From phyllotaxis to Homogalacturonan and back: exploring the origins of plant growth
Alexis Peaucelle

6 Peaucelle IFM2A2.pdf pdf - 5.34 MB



How meristem cells measure themselves and why it matters
Robert Sablowski



The distribution of sugars and amino acids between source and sink organs: more than just a transporters’game
Sylvie Dinant

7 Dinant IFM2A2.pdf pdf - 3.37 MB


Short communications:

  • Model-based reconstruction of whole organ growth dynamics reveals invariant patterns in leaf morphogenesis
    Jasmine Burguet
    8 Burguet IFM2A2.pdf pdf - 1.30 MB
  • Statistical spatio-temporal atlasing of gene expression patterns during organ growth
    Nicolas Arnaud


Session 2: Determination and regulation of the SAM and its faith in the plant

Chair: Frédéric Boudon and Christophe Godin



Off with their head: a tale of decapitation and auxin
Yoan Coudert


Representation and functions of shoot apical meristems in FSPMs
Romain Barillot

10 Barillot IFM2A2.pdf pdf - 3.51 MB



What did we learn on meristem fates by modelling fruit tree development?
Evelyne Costes

11 Costes IFM2A2.pdf pdf - 3.81 MB


Short communications:

  • Detecting dormancy dynamics in woody plants by characterizing hydraulic connectivity between stem and bud
    Guillaume Charrier
    12 Charrier IFM2A2.pdf pdf - 3.38 MB
  • Temperature heterogeneity at crown scale possible impact on tree architecture after late spring frost
    Nicolas Dusart
    13 Dusart IFM2A2.pdf pdf - 2.49 MB
  • Axillary meristem is central to the trade-off between flowering and runnering in strawberry
    Amélia Gaston


Control of lateral meristems: how is sugar availability involved in the environmental control of axillary bud outgrowth?
Jessica Bertheloot

14 Bertheloot IFM2A2.pdf pdf - 2.00 MB


Short communications:

  • Sugar signaling modulates Shoot meristemless expression and meristem function in Arabidopsis
    Filipa Lara Lopes


Session 3: Toward Functionnal Structural Plant Models integrating the SAM functions

Chair: Jessica Bertheloot, Romain Barillot



Cauliflowers and the genetic origin of fractals in plants
Christophe Godin


Short communications:


Towards the integration of cellular scales in individual plant models
Anne Goelzer

18 Goelzer IFM2A2.pdf pdf - 5.42 MB


General discussion

What is the next step to integrating SAM biology to the plant level?
Animation Robert Faivre

19 Faivre table-ronde IFM2A2.pdf pdf - 659.83 KB


Organization comitee Multidisciplinary research unit on Grasslands and Forage Crops (P3F)