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TWB takes stock of the year 2019 and introduces new entrants to the consortium

TWB presents its 2019 activity report as well as the new entrants within the consortium which today has 52 members (start-ups, VSE/SMEs, large groups, private equity firms and public partners). TWB reaffirms its ambition to become the leader in European industrial biotechnologies whilst wishing to contribute significantly to the challenge of the current crisis through the use of biotech.
A positive outcome, as evidenced by a new government grant.

Published on 27 April 2020

illustration TWB takes stock of the year 2019 and introduces new entrants to the consortium

In 2019 TWB posted a turnover of €8.4 million, €2.7 million of which was grants.  With 53 R&D projects conducted during the year, 39 of which were new, TWB continues to demonstrate sustained activity. In terms of staff, 82 employees (+20% compared to 2018) work for TWB, which also welcomes 40 people (+100% compared to 2018) from start-ups hosted at its premises.


2019 was an exceptional year in terms of achievements, notably with:

  • almost €10 million worth of industrial R&D contracts signed (+ 20% compared to 2018) the highest annual amount since the creation of TWB,
  • the launch of major collaborative industrial projects, in particular the BioImpulse project brought by Resicare/Michelin,
  • European funding of the IBISBA collaborative project (European network of biotechnology research infrastructures) coordinated by INRAE,
  • the hosting of BioC3, the sixth start-up located in the TWB premises.

The year 2019 also stands out as the culmination of the highly successful first phase of the life and growth of TWB, led by its founder Pierre Monsan from 2011 to the end of 2018 and today by Olivier Rolland. As proof of the success of the model, TWB has far exceeded its contractual commitment to the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR), under the PIA (Programme d'Investissement d'Avenir). As a reminder, TWB received State funding of €20 million (investment and running costs) for the period 2011-2019. At the end of 2019, TWB totalled €39 million in industrial contracts, almost doubling the initial target sum.

Further proof of the effectiveness and potential of TWB is the fact that it has obtained supplementary state funding of €7 million (running costs) for 2020-2025.


Three new entrants to the consortium


The TWB consortium now has a total of 52 private and public partners, including 36 industrial partners, from large groups to start-ups, working in various sectors (Agro-industry, Chemistry & Materials, Equipment, Biotech service companies, Flavouring, perfumes & cosmetics, Energy, Pharmaceuticals), 7 venture capital and technology transfer companies and 9 public partners.


As an affirmation of success, TWB welcomed 3 new partners on 1 January 2020:

  • Sensient, which works on the development of natural products (colours, flavours and fragrances) and markets high-performance solutions,
  • Néomerys, an applied research start-up which develops new technologies based on microalgae, (eco-positive biofuels, diagnostic aid tools for pharmacology and other environmental technologies),
  • Elaia, a venture capital fund that invests in digital and deeptech start-ups from the seed stage.

2019 was an exceptional year, the fruit of the work of the TWB teams, the unfailing support of our supervisory bodies and all our partners since 2011. These results have provided TWB with the means to roll out the roadmap of the new phase of development and structure for 2020-2025. However, because of the impact of the global crisis resulting from the pandemic that we are currently experiencing, we will review and adjust our plans. Today, beside the ambition of becoming the leader in European industrial biotechnologies, TWB hopes to quickly bring local solutions, thanks to the applications of biotech, to help face this crisis and ensuing economic consequences.” concludes Olivier Rolland Executive Director of TWB.


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