04 06 July 2022 Ended


Anticipating and managing multiple risks in Mediterranean, temperate and boreal forests

Forest ecosystems are subject to complex and multiple risks such as fires, droughts, storms, the spread of diseases and pathogens. Climate change and global changes tend to increase the extent and frequency of these disturbances.

illustration Anticipating and managing multiple risks in Mediterranean, temperate and boreal forests
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As part of the 2RI FORWARD international research network, INRAE, Laval University and the Natural Resources Canada service are organising an international workshop in Bordeaux from July 4 to 6, 2022 entitled "Forecasting and managing multi-risks in temperate, boreal and Mediterranean forests: comparison between North-American and European approaches” thanks to the support of the OECD through its CRP programme.

This workshop focuses on the analysis of current and emerging risks and their interactions, the monitoring systems for these multiple risks and the various possible mitigation strategies. The comparison of North American and European approaches aims to share and promote the emergence of innovative solutions to mitigate multi-risks with regard to the expectations of the various actors in the field (general public, public authorities, managers).

With the participation of  

  • as members of the Scientific and/or Organizing Commitee
    Pauline Défossez and Patricia Braconnier, JRU Atmosphere Plant Soil Interactions; Philippe Deuffic, Environment, territories in transition, infrastructures, societies research unit; Eric Rigolot, Ecology of Mediterranean Forests research unit and Cécile Robin, Biodiversity, Genes and Communities joint resarch unit
  • as speakers
    Frédéric Berger, Plant Reproduction and Development - Mountain forest and natural hazard prevention: Are Forest-based Solutions grandmothers of Nature-based Solutions?
    François Pimont, Ecology of Mediterranean ForestsA biophysical approach of fire risk following biotic and abiotic disturbances in forests: the examples of bark beetles and drought.
    Hervé Jactel, Biodiversity, Genes and Communities Multi-species forestry to address multiple risks in forests.
    Philippe Deuffic - How do forest stakeholders perceive and cope with multiple risks? An exploratory survey in the Gascony forest .

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