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Start-ups and INRAE: a fruitful partnership

Since 1999, INRAE has created an environment for start-ups that fosters innovative ideas while making sure that our research is put to best use. You will find examples below of the start-ups the Institute has supported over the decades, both in house and through external partnerships.

Published on 28 February 2020 (date.last_update 20 October 2020)

illustration Start-ups and INRAE: a fruitful partnership

The help we provide at INRAE for business creation allows us to transform the achievements of our scientists and their research students into practical solutions, offering them access to the business world and giving them the chance to be involved in the co-creation of innovative products. In all, INRAE has supported 216 innovative start-up projects.

Our goals:

  • Set up new businesses using innovative ideas from the INRAE laboratories,
  • Support external business projects by providing research expertise and laboratory facilities.             

> 176 innovative businesses supported by INRAE still in operation

> 1000 jobs created

> 81% success rate for businesses supported by INRAE since 1999

Across the food, environmental and agricultural sectors, the start-ups that have been created or incubated by INRAE offer a wide range of innovative products and services.



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Society and regional strategies

“Terre en jeu": a training game to support territorial dynamics affecting agricultural land

To facilitate an understanding of the results of its research on the preservation of peri-urban agricultural land, carried out in the context of the ANR JASMINN project, Camille Clément (a postdoctoral scientist in Joint Research Unit for Innovation, based at the INRA Centre in Montpellier) has designed a game that also incites reflection on the issue of access to agricultural land. In this article, she explains the origins of this role play, how to play it and what it can contribute to both players and to research.

29 January 2018

Society and regional strategies

Ici.C.Local, a system to serve regional food policies and strategies

Created by INRAE and the Grabels municipal council, Ici.C.Local is a participatory system which enables the simple labelling in food shops of local short-circuit products that comply with certain sustainability criteria. Protected by a brand name registered by INRA, this system is now entering a new stage, that of its deployment through the creation of a collective structure that will support local partners regarding its implementation.

25 October 2018