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Launch of Agate, INRAE’s digital heritage library in partnership with the BnF

PRESS RELEASE – On 3 April 2023, INRAE officially launched Agate, its digital heritage library. Agate is accessible to all and is part of the ‘Gallica marque blanche’ programme, a digital partnership which enables the Bibliothèque nationale de France to share its knowledge and technical expertise with its partners, in order to give greater visibility to their online collections.

Published on 06 April 2023

illustration Launch of Agate, INRAE’s digital heritage library in partnership with the BnF

Agate provides access to 600 books and journals, 1000 photos and drawings from INRAE’s collection as well as 10,000 images, photos and illustrations from the French national archives (Archives nationales). The Agate heritage collection is the 18th digital library in the BnF’s Gallica marque blanche programme.

INRAE’s collections are rich, diversified and accessible

INRAE’s collections currently online cover agriculture, botany and mountain territories. More documents will be accessible during 2023 including plant pathology drawings, journals and books on bees, forestry, law and rural economics, photos and illustrations of agricultural machinery and mountain landscapes.

INRAE has been carrying out campaigns to digitize original documents and developing projects to give greater visibility to these documents. With its digital library Agate, INRAE intends to facilitate access to specialists and non-specialists alike to its rich collections of books, journals and photos which have historical, scientific or technical value.

KEY FIGURES FOR AGATE: 8 collections

  • Agriculture: 90 documents
  • History committee: 4 books and 96 publications, reports and articles
  • Agricultural machinery: 39 documents including 10 registers of the European Agricultural Machinery Association (CEMA)
  • Mountain land restoration: 9,500 photographs from the Archives nationales + glass plates from the École nationale des eaux et forêts (ENEF) + 18 documents
  • Mountains, glaciers and summer mountain pastures: 8 books, 1,500 photographs and glass plates
  • Botanical collection: 7 journals and 308 books, treatises and illustrated works (from the Villa Thuret in Antibes)
  • Vine and wine: 55 documents
  • Entomology: 10 works and other documents from Gallica

Agate website: https://agate.inrae.fr/agate/en/content/accueil-en


The Gallica marque blanche programme of the BnF

18 digital libraries have been created thanks to the Gallica marque blanche programme, which makes it possible for partner institutions to share Gallica's infrastructure.

  • Agate, INRAE’s heritage library
  • Pagella, the digital library of the city of Grenoble
  • Mémonum, the digital library of the greater Montpellier area (Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole)
  • Héritage des Ponts et Chaussées, the digital library of the École des Ponts Paristech
  • BNSP, the digital library of public statistics
  • Nutrisco, the digital heritage library of the city of Le Havre
  • Commun Patrimoine, the digital heritage library of Plaine Commune (Grand Paris)
  • Yroise, the digital heritage library of the city of Brest
  • Pireneas, the digital library of the communauté d’agglomération Pau Béarn Pyrénées
  • Rosalis, the digital heritage library of the city of Toulouse
  • NumBa, CIRAD’s digital library in tropical agronomy
  • France and United Kingdom: medieval manuscripts from between 700 and 1200, with the British Library
  • Digital diplomatic library of the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs
  • Digital francophone library of the Réseau francophone numérique
  • Rotomagus, the digital library of the city of Rouen
  • La Grande Collecte, for the centenary of the Great War, coordinated by the Archives nationales and Archives départementales
  • Numistral, the digital library of the Bibliothèque national et universitaire de Strasbourg

Find out more: gallica.bnf.fr and bnf.fr/fr/gallica-marque-blanche

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INRAE committed to opening science to all

INRAE has long been involved in the open science movement. The creation of a Directorate for Open Science (DIPSO) on 1 January 2020 is evidence of its commitment. The Directorate is responsible for INRAE’s involvement in participatory research projects.

22 December 2020

Second National Plan for Open Science: INRAE to manage the Recherche Data Gouv national research-data platform

On 6 July 2021 at INRAE headquarters in Paris, France’s Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, Frédérique Vidal, launched the country’s Second National Plan for Open Science, which will run through 2024. The Plan seeks to make open science practices more widespread in France, and is part of a wider European Union goal of promoting open science. The Plan will also triple open science funding, bringing it to €15 million per year. To facilitate the dissemination and sharing of research data produced in France, a national research-data platform, Recherche Data Gouv, will be created. The platform will be managed by INRAE.

06 July 2021

Esther Dzalé, opening science for a better world

Esther Dzalé is an expert in managing scientific data, and uses her computer science skills to share scientific research. Esther is in charge of the digital technology for science team of the Directorate for Open Science (DipSO) at INRAE. She is being given the 2021 Research Support Award for her work and contributions over the course of her career.

24 November 2021