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INRAE Annual Report 2020

INRAE has published its very first annual report for a year that was exceptional and challenging in many ways.

Published on 28 June 2021

illustration INRAE Annual Report 2020

Topping the list of notable events was the creation of INRAE, which now has a 12,000-strong team of researchers, engineers, technicians and administrative staff all working together to solve the world’s biggest issues. These include feeding global populations while sustainably managing vital natural resources, mitigating and adapting to climate change, and more generally supporting actors at all levels as they strive to implement urgently needed agricultural and food transitions. This annual report pays tribute to our new team by looking back at the threefold challenge it faced in 2020: preparing our roadmap – the INRAE2030 strategic plan – while continuing to conduct world-class research to achieve important scientific advances, and adapting to a difficult and ever-evolving public health situation.

Taking stock of this past year is also an opportunity to highlight the complementary nature of our activities, through our high-impact publications in various fields, efforts to expand international cooperation, public policy support actions, and partnerships with higher education, socio-economic players and citizens.

The COVID-19 pandemic, unprecedented in its scope and implications, naturally occupies an important place in this panorama. We look back at the substantial resources deployed to deal with this crisis, as an employer, as a world-renowned research institute in infectious diseases, and as a public organisation that supports health institutions.

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Diversity and equality in the workplace: an ongoing commitment

Dual AFNOR certification, a European label, day-to-day action plans. Now, more than ever before, INRAE is devoted to diversity, eliminating discrimination, and gender equality in the workplace…Recap of a recognised and deepening commitment.

05 March 2020

Launch of INRAE2030: strategic priorities for the next 10 years

PRESS RELEASE - The global challenges society is facing are giving rise to new expectations in research: climate change mitigation and adaptation, food and nutrition security, human health and wellbeing of the planet, agricultural transitions, protection of natural resources, biodiversity restoration, and disaster preparedness and management. In light of these challenges and avenues of transformation being paved by international experts, INRAE’s strategic road map for the next 10 years was jointly drawn up over the span of one year, with the input of many internal players and about a hundred national and international partners. One year after the creation of INRAE, this strategy was presented during an online press conference on Monday, 25 January 2021 by Philippe Mauguin, Chair and CEO of the Institute and members of the Management Board. Consisting of five scientific priorities and three policy priorities, the strategy offers solutions through research in the fields of agriculture, food and the environment.

24 January 2021

Our need for research has never been more urgent

INRAE is France's new National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment and is the result of the merger of INRA and IRSTEA. As the world's top institute for research on these three key topics, INRAE is committed to finding solutions for related challenges using science, innovation, and support for public policies. Its objective is to permanently transform how we grow food, produce food, and interact with the environment.