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Launch of INRAE2030: strategic priorities for the next 10 years

PRESS RELEASE - The global challenges society is facing are giving rise to new expectations in research: climate change mitigation and adaptation, food and nutrition security, human health and wellbeing of the planet, agricultural transitions, protection of natural resources, biodiversity restoration, and disaster preparedness and management. In light of these challenges and avenues of transformation being paved by international experts, INRAE’s strategic road map for the next 10 years was jointly drawn up over the span of one year, with the input of many internal players and about a hundred national and international partners. One year after the creation of INRAE, this strategy was presented during an online press conference on Monday, 25 January 2021 by Philippe Mauguin, Chair and CEO of the Institute and members of the Management Board. Consisting of five scientific priorities and three policy priorities, the strategy offers solutions through research in the fields of agriculture, food and the environment.

Published on 25 January 2021

illustration Launch of INRAE2030: strategic priorities for the next 10 years

Among the top ten public research bodies in the world working to reach sustainable development goals, and leader in the fields of agriculture, food and the environment, INRAE strives to further knowledge, along with partners, public authorities and fellow citizens, to find solutions to big challenges. How? By steering research, expertise, innovation and support for public policy in new directions. 

With a vast team of researchers and no less than 18 centres throughout France, INRAE conducts targeted research that taps into both fundamental and applied science and combines excellence in disciplines with an inter-disciplinary approach. The Institute is built on a research infrastructure and experimental unit network unique in Europe and is firmly committed to open and participatory science.

It is this solid foundation that underpins INRAE’s strategic plan for the next 10 years. The plan consists of five scientific priorities (SP) and three policy priorities (PP):

SP #1: Responding to environmental challenges and their associated risks

PP #1: Placing science, innovation and expertise at the centre of society-policy dialogue
SP #2: Accelerating agroecological and food transitions while answering socioeconomic challenges

PP #2: Reinforcing our engagement with academic, European, and international partners

SP #3: Building bioeconomies based on the efficient circular use of resources PP #3: Establishing social and environmental responsibility as a common objective 
SP #4: Promoting a holistic approach to health  
SP #5: Facilitating transitions by mobilizing data sciences and digital technologies  

Despite the disruption caused by the pandemic that first struck in March 2020, the strategic plan was put together with the contributions of 2,600 voices from within the Institute and more than 100 from outside, including international partners.   The health crisis also helped step up the “One Health” approach, promoted for several years now within the Institute. This document is designed to gear research toward the broad avenues of transformations advocated by international experts* to help rise to global challenges:

  • Changes in diets
  • Reductions in loss and waste
  • Development of agroecology
  • Sustainable management of water, soil, forests and oceans
  • More efficient and economical use of resources: a circular economy

The strategic plan was discussed and approved by INRAE’s Scientific Advisory Board and Management Board, and will now be rolled out in programmes in all scientific divisions and all of the Institute’s partnerships.

The main guidelines of the plan were presented and illustrated during a press conference given by Philippe Mauguin, Chair and CEO of INRAE, and the Institute’s Management Board.


* IPPC, IPBES, HLPE-the UN High Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition and the EAT-Lancet Commission.

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Sandrine Vinzant, Director of Communications at INRAE

Sandrine Vinzant always has a smile on her face. She is attentive and approachable, and brings a welcome sense of calm to an institute that fields a never-ending stream of requests with regards to its research in food, agriculture and the environment. With her extensive experience in communication and public relations, she became INRAE’s Director of Communications at INRAE on 1 January 2020, after having spent three years in the same position at INRA and a number of years at the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

24 June 2022