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Innovation in action at INRA

PRESS RELEASE - Agricultural, food, environmental and energy-related transitions are necessary to enable our societies to live better and sustainably. INRA is a targeted research organisation unique in the world due to the diversity of its research topics and has numerous assets for proposing disruptive innovations and accompanying transitions.

Published on 21 June 2018

illustration Innovation in action at INRA

On 20 June 2018, Philippe Mauguin, President of INRA, presented the Institute’s Innovation in Action Plan, illustrated by concrete examples of its innovation policy:
• PlantInnov, plant characterisation, breeding and products: a field of innovation ensuring the sustainable competitiveness of plant productions
• Proteinolab, a joint INRA-Ingredia laboratory to develop new milk proteins for high protein nutrition and food applications
• Nextbiotix, a start-up dedicated to Live Biotherapeutics, to treat inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) or functional intestinal disorders 

• On the socio-economic impact of research, focus on the decline of bee colonies

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Biodiversity of leavens for high-quality breads

The diversity of baking practices, the biodiversity associated with the bakery sector (terroir, soft wheat varieties, the micro-organisms in leavens) and impacts on the nutritional and sensory quality of bread are all aspects that were studied by the Bakery participatory research project. You can find out about it in the images shown here.

01 December 2019

Christian Huyghe: Adding value to research

With a sparkle in his blue eyes and a laugh, Christian Huyghe lives life at full tilt. From plant breeding research to transferring knowledge to industry partners, and from teaching to supporting public policymakers, Huyghe is a flurry of activity and is guided by one principle: to approach every undertaking with a sense of purpose.

27 December 2019