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Discover the new 2021 brochure of the Occitanie-Toulouse Research Centre

The 2021 center brochure is now available! It integrates new updates such as the arrival of the new center president Pierre-Benoit Joly or the most recent figures.

Published on 19 March 2021

illustration Discover the new 2021 brochure of the Occitanie-Toulouse Research Centre

The new brochure of the Occitanie-Toulouse Research Centre presents the multidisciplinary scientific activities of its 28 units and a dozen joint research units declined through its 4 research priorities:

  • Integrative and predictive biology (plant - animal - micro-organisms)
  • Food toxicology and health (one health / animal and human)
  • Biotechnologies and bioeconomics
  • Agroecology of farming and forestry, environmental economics, analysis of systems

And one transverse axe: computer sciences and mathematics for the agrobiosciences.

With nearly 1,200 INRAE ​​researchers, engineers and technicians and 671 with tenure, the Occitanie-Toulouse centre represents more than 11% of the Institute's scientific publications.

>>> Download the brochure in PDF format

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