06 10 November 2022 Ended

Paris Nord Villepinte

INRAE at SIMA 2022

INRAE is at the International Exhibition of Solutions and Technologies for Efficient and Sustainable Agriculture. For this occasion, and as part of the French Growing and Protecting Crops Differently Priority Research Programme, our researchers are presenting their latest findings and innovations in crop cover and crop diversity, agricultural robotics and crop protection.

illustration INRAE at SIMA 2022

We look forward to seeing you at our stand in Hall 5A (stand no. 5a K 031).

  • The perfect opportunity to meet and discuss with our partners
  • A TV broadcast with a variety of shows from 6 to 9 November
    • Broadcast programme, shows hosted by Jean-Paul Hébrard (TVagri, Powerboost YouTube channel)
  • A research area, to discover our work 
    • Robotics  particularly Tiara, a robot designed to help us adapt to the challenges of agriculture — and the latest innovations in agricultural equipment developed in the Agrotechnopôle Platform, by the Technologies and Information Systems for Agricultural Systems (TSCF) research unit.
    • The benefits of biocontrol and optical sensors by the Technologies and Methods for the Agriculture of Tomorrow (ITAP).
    • Research on agrivoltaics and on the benefits of plant cover diversification by the Research Unit for Grasslands and Forage Plants (URP3F).
    • Research and latest developments in precision breeding by the Joint Research Unit for Physiology, Environment and Genetics of Livestock and Farming Systems (PEGASE).


Hosted by Jean-Paul Hébrard (TVagri, YouTube channel Powerboost) and introduced by Christian Huyghe, Scientific Director of Agriculture at INRAE.
Programmes are in French unless otherwise indicated.

Sunday 6 November

  • 17:50. Programme 1: How should we address the major transitions of agriculture?
    with Marc Fesneau, Minister of Agriculture and Food, and Philippe Mauguin, CEO of INRAE

Monday 7 November
Diversification of crops and cover crops

  • 14:00 - 14:45. Programme 2: And what if crop and landscape diversity were the key?
    • Research: Sylvain Delzon and Frédérique Angevin, INRAE,
    • Businesses: Väderstad, Flexxifinger, FNCUMA and Kverneland
  • 16:00 - 16:45. Programme 4: Strip-cropping or the art of growing in strips, with
    • Research: Luca Colombo (FIRAB) introduction by Christian Huyghe, Scientific Director of Agriculture at INRAE,
    • Businesses: David Guy from Sky Agriculture.
  • 17:00 - 17:45. Programme 3: What do we expect from agricultural equipment and agricultural equipment manufacturers to resolve the major challenges faced by agriculture? (in English) with
    • Research: Christian Huyghe, Scientific Director of Agriculture at INRAE,
    • Businesses: Mickael Horsch.

Tuesday 8 November
Rethinking crop protection

  • 9:30 - 10:15. Programme 5: How do we protect crops by focusing on prevention? with
    • Research: Xavier Reboud, INRAE,
    • Businesses: Beeguard and NewHolland Agriculture and Zurn.
  • 12:30 - 13:15. Programme 6: Why will tomorrow's sensors change our cropping practices and systems? with
    • Research: Maud Blanck, INRAE,
    • Businesses: Exel et Ecorobotics.

Wednesday 9 November
Disruptive innovations in agricultural equipment

  • 9:30 - 10:15. Programme 7: How to "break down the walls" to promote disruptive innovations? with
    • Research: Michel Berducat, Jean-Pierre Chanet, INRAE,
    • Businesses: Groupe Burel et Agreenculture
  • 12:30-13:15. Programme 8: What place will robots have in the agriculture of the future? with
    • Research: Roland Lenain, INRAE,
    • Businesses: LEMKEN, FarmDroid et Exxact Robotics


Conference room Hall 5A at 3:40 p.m.

Monday 7 November

  • The Evolution of Agricultural Systems, by the CA-SYS platform, Dijon,
    with Nicolas Munier Jolain, Agroecology Joint Research Unit, Dijon, France.

Tuesday 8 November

  • Are we heading towards an agriculture free of synthetic pesticides in France and Europe?
    with Christian Huyghe, Scientific Director of Agriculture INRAE, and Marie-Hélène Jeuffroy.

Wednesday 9 November

  • Agricultural Robotics: Recent Developments and Prospects
    with Roland Lenain, head of the ROMEA team, TSCF Research Unit, Clermont-Ferrand, and head of the Grand Défi Robotique.