Ideally located in one of Europe's major agricultural regions, our teams are committed to meeting the challenges of healthy and sustainable food by supporting the agroecological transition and promoting the development of different agricultural models.


With more than 100 employees in 19 research and experimental units, the INRAE ​​Brittany-Normandy centre aims to be a major player in the development of agricultural and agrifood systems in the Grand Ouest region. Our research is focused on the development of sustainable and resilient production systems in the face of economic and environmental hazards, guaranteeing a healthy diet and a preserved environment. 

Our teams have multidisciplinary skills to carry out projects at the interface between animals, plants and soil as part of systemic approaches. They rely on a wide range of tools: analytical platforms, natural environment observation systems, and a biological resource centre, integrated into regional, national and international networks. Our experimentation system with its 950 hectares of meadows and crops, offers considerable added value for carrying out studies in a situation close to that of the field, designing and testing innovations.