Research at the INRAE Île-de-France - Versailles-Saclay centre

Our research is carried out in research or experimental units, technological or technical platforms spread over six geographical sites in Île-de-France. They are structured around heigt topics shared with the INRAE Île-de-France - Jouy-en-Josas - Antony centre and are linked to eleven INRAE scientific divisions.

The Centre’s units

The center's research is carried out in 19 research units and one experimental unit:

Acronym Unit name Presentation form
AGRONOMIE Agronomy                                 -
BIOGER Fungal Biology and Risk Management in Agriculture                                  -
CMH Centre Maurice Halbwachs                                  -


Functional Ecology and Ecotoxicology of Agroecosystems

See the ECOSYS form (pdf, 447 Ko)
EPGV                                     -
GQE Quantitative Genetics and Evolution - Le Moulon See the GQE form (pdf, 738 Ko)                           
iEES-Paris  Institute of Ecology and Environmental Sciences of Paris See the iEES form (pdf, 495 Ko)                             
IJPB  Jean-Pierre Bourgin Institute See the IJPB form (pdf, 740 Ko)  
IPS2 Institue of Plant Sciences Paris-Saclay See the IPS2 form (pdf, 515 Ko)                            
IRISSO Institute for Interdisciplinary Research in Social Sciences                                    -
LISIS Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Science, Innovation and Society                                    -
MIA-Paris Applied Mathematics and Computer Science  See the MIA-Paris form (pdf, 362 Ko)
MoSAR Systemic Modeling Applied to Ruminants                                    -
PjSE Paris Jourdan Economics  See the PjSE form (pdf, 624 Ko)
PNCA Physiology of Nutrition and Dietary Behavior                                    -
PSAE Paris-Saclay Applied Economics                                    -
SADAPT Science for Action and Development; Activities, Products, Landscapes See the SADAPT form (pdf, 223 Ko)
SayFood Paris-Saclay Food and Bioproduct Engineering                                    -
UE VS  Versailles-Saclay Experimental Unit                                    -
URGI Genomic-Info  See the URGI form (pdf, 598 Ko)


The locations of the units

The center's units are located at six different sites in four departments of the Île-de-France region: Paris (75), Seine-et-Marne (77), Yvelines (78) and Essonne (91).