Paris International Agricultural Show

Join us from February 22 to March 1 at the Paris International Agricultural Show (Porte de Versailles) for nine days of exchanges with INRAE researchers. Our scheduled events include a symposium entitled "Agricultural systems in 2030 and beyond" and meetings with professionals in the field. You will discover how INRAE’s research on agriculture, food, and the environment affects your everyday life through various activities, lectures, and debates. Every day, there will be an interactive scientific workshop during which a researcher will discuss a different culinary recipe. We will be waiting for you: Hall 4 - Aisle B - Stand 91

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The world's agricultural systems have several clear challenges: to feed the world, which will harbour more than 9 billion people by 2050; to reduce the environmental impact of food production systems; and to be an active partner in the fight against climate change. INRAE is the world's number-one institute for research on agriculture, food, and the environment. It carries out research and generates innovations with a variety of partners with a view to facilitating agricultural transitions both nationally and internationally. During the Paris International Agricultural Show, INRAE researchers will present solutions for these pressing global challenges.

INRAE's stand will include

  • three informational kiosks  where you can discover our research on agriculture, food, and the environment
  • “A taste of science” interactive workshops sponsored by three-star chef Pierre Gagnaire and organised by INRAE researcher Hervé This, who created the discipline of molecular gastronomy
  • a space dedicated to participatory science and research
  • the presence of Éditions Quae, the joint scientific publishing company for INRAE, CIRAD, and IRD
  • a central area to find out more about the new institute, as well as a conference room

Schedule of events

Saturday, February 22

  • A taste of science > Workshops for kids
  • Come do science with us! > AgroEcoDiv: an engaging discussion about applying agroecological principles on family farms in Guadeloupe

Sunday, February 23

  • 20 European research organisations will sign a declaration of intention to promote "agricultural systems free from chemical pesticides" 5 pm
  • A taste of science > Cook an egg with Joël Gautron, INRAE Val de Loire
    > The recipe: The 65°C egg
  • Come do science with us! The CiTIQUE programme enlists the help of everyday citizens to explore the ecology of ticks and the diseases they transmit as well as to improve preventive measures

Monday, February 24

  • Meetings with professionals > Ecolabelling: what data for which purposes? with ADEME 10 am–12 pm
  • Meetings with professionals > INRAE and IFV: working together on the grapevines and wines of the future 4–6 pm
  • Public talk > Understanding avalanches to better anticipate risks, by Florence Naaim, INRAE Lyon-Grenoble-Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes 2:30–3:30 pm
  • Lecture on animal health > Bronchiolitis in infants and respiratory diseases in calves: it is the same fight! by Sabine Riffault, INRAE Ile-de-France-Jouy-en-Josas-Antony 2–3 pm (at the Educational Farm stand)
  • A taste of science > Citruses with François Luro, INRAE Corsica
    > The recipe: Lemon würtz
  • Come do science with us! ECOVITISOL & REVA, two participatory science projects aimed at developing agroecological practices for viticulture

Tuesday, February 25

  • Meetings with professionals > Agroecology and biodiversity: the joint efforts of INRAE and OFB to support public policies 10 am–12 pm
  •  Meetings with professionals > INRAE-OFB signing event at 12 pm
  • Symposium > Agricultural systems in 2030 and beyond 2–6 pm (Hall 1 Espace 2000)
  • Lecture on animal health > Monitoring and fighting avian flus, by Daniel Marc, INRAE Val de Loire 2–3 pm (at the Educational Farm stand)
  • A taste of science > Citruses with François Luro, INRAE Corsica
    > The recipe: The blue orange
  • Come do science with us! Local breeds in Brittany: the qualification process and tools

 Wednesday, February 26

  • Meetings with professionals > Using spatial technologies for agricultural and environmental purposes, with CNES 10 am–12 pm
  • Meetings with professionals > Agriculture and air quality: what is the state of affairs? With Chambres d’agriculture France 2:30–4:30 pm
  • presents the results of its consultation campaign "How to allow everyone to eat better" 5–6 pm
  • Lecture on animal health> Towards a universal flu vaccine in humans and animals, by Ronan Le Goffic, INRAE Ile-de-France-Jouy-en-Josas-Antony 2–3 pm (at the Educational Farm stand)
  • A taste of science > Activity and food sampling with Pierre Gagnaire and Hervé This
  • Come do science with us! The French Observatory for Seasons discusses the impact of climate change on seasonal rhythms in the living world

Thursday, February 27

  • Meetings with professionals > Major challenges in livestock farming: the solutions offered by research 10 am–12 pm
  • Meetings with professionals > Agricultural work and employment: the long-standing collaboration between INRAE and MSA 2:30–4:15 pm
  • INRAE–MSA signing event 4:15 pm
  • Public talk > Coronavirus and avian flu: understanding how viruses spread from animals to humans, by Daniel Marc, INRAE Val de Loire
  • Lecture on animal health > The use of artificial intelligence in livestock farming, by Didier Concordet, INRAE Occitanie Toulouse 2–3 pm (at the Educational Farm stand)
  • A taste of science > The STORY apple with François Laurens, INRAE Pays de la Loire
    > The recipe: Apple tart
  • Come do science with us! AGIIR—an app for signalling and managing the presence of invasive and/or harmful insects

Friday, February 28

  • Meetings with professionals > Partnerships and innovation at INRAE 9:30 am–1 pm
  • Meetings with professionals > Improving how schoolchildren learn about livestock farming: the solutions proposed by the Scientific Interest Group (GIS) Avenir Elevage 4–6 pm
  • Public talk > Eating good local and sustainable food: yes, it's possible, by Yuna Chiffoleau, INRAE Occitanie Montpellier and the joint technological network (RMT) Alimentation Locale
  • Lecture on animal health > Fighting parasitic diseases in newborn animals: the example of cryptosporidiosis, by Fabrice Laurent, INRAE Val de Loire 2–3 pm (at the Educational Farm stand)
  • A taste of science > The truffle with Claude Murat, INRAE Grand Est Nancy
    > The recipe: Perfect scrambled eggs with truffles
  • Come do science with us! FlorApis, a platform for collecting information on the plants upon which honey bees forage, and Nutrinet: launched in 2009, the NutriNet-Santé cohort study has resulted in very detailed research on food consumption patterns and emerging dietary behaviours

Saturday, February 29

  • Presentation of the book "Métamorphose du monde rural. Agriculture et agriculteurs dans la France actuelle [Metamorphosis of the rural world. Agriculture and farmers in modern-day France]" by Hervé Le Bras and Bertrand Schmitt 11 am
  • Public talk and film screening > Our health: the essential role played by the microbiota, by Joël Doré, INRAE Ile-de-France-Jouy-en-Josas-Antony
    > Screening of the documentary "Microbiota: the amazing powers of your digestive system"
  • A taste of science > A recipe that will delight your microbiota with Joël Doré
  • Come do science with us! Pl@ntNet, a tool for identifying and collectively gathering broad-scale information on plants

Sunday, March 1

  • A taste of science > Workshops for kids
  • Come do science with us! Oak protectors, a project that enlists the help of elementary, middle, and high school students from different European countries to study the mechanisms used by oaks to resist insects

INRAE recruits!

INRAE is recruiting researchers, engineers, technicians, and support staff in a variety of professional fields.

From February 24 to 29, you can visit our stand between 10 am and 4:30 pm to learn more about INRAE’s different employment opportunities and hiring campaigns as well as the types of backgrounds we are looking for. Don’t miss this chance to get helpful expert advice from INRAE Human Resources staff.

Our jobs website is also open 24/7: