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Russia-Ukraine conflict: INRAE’s official position

PRESS RELEASE - Following the offensive by Russian armed forces in Ukraine and in a context of strong diplomatic tensions, on the occasion of a message addressed to the INRAE community, the institute has outlined its position and the measures it has taken.

Published on 07 March 2022

illustration Russia-Ukraine conflict: INRAE’s official position
  • INRAE will host Ukrainian scientists who so wish in its laboratories as part of the PAUSE programme (a national programme to help scientists in emergency situations).
  • INRAE suspends all its scientific collaboration with Russia.
  • Russian students, researchers and teacher-researchers who are working in INRAE laboratories can pursue their activities as normal.
  • INRAE will provide all necessary help to its Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian students and contractual staff, within each of its research centres. Particular care will be taken of INRAE staff members of Ukrainian nationality according to their family situation, by facilitating procedures with aid structures for example.
  • Finally, concerning cybersecurity, in order to reinforce the collective vigilance of the INRAE community and reduce the vulnerabilities arising from this dramatic situation, specific measures have been taken in the digital sphere and in information security, as part of the French Vigipirate security plan.

“In the name of our institute and all our teams, I strongly condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine which beyond all the dramatic human consequences will have repercussions on world equilibria and food security. INRAE is in full solidarity with our Ukrainian research colleagues and stands ready to welcome them.”  Philippe Mauguin, Chair and CEO