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International cooperation between France and South Africa: ARC, CIRAD and INRAE sign a tripartite agreement

PRESS RELEASE - On Friday 24 July 2020, Dr Shadrack Ralekeno Moephuli, CEO of the ARC (Agricultural Research Council), Michel Eddi, CEO of CIRAD and Philippe Mauguin, Chair and CEO of INRAE signed a 5-year unprecedented tripartite agreement to strengthen and extend existing collaborations between the three organizations. The institutions confirmed their intentions of working together to tackle the challenges facing the southern Africa region and of contributing to the dialogue on global initiatives that is unfolding in the area. The agreement was initialled remotely by video conference, with Aurélien Lechevallier, Ambassador of France to South Africa, as a witness.

Published on 27 July 2020

illustration International cooperation between France and South Africa: ARC, CIRAD and INRAE sign a tripartite agreement
© Frédéric Féron - INRAE

The agreement seeks to reinforce, and expand, existing collaborations between the two French research institutes and South Africa's leading research and development organisation in agriculture and related fields. This is the first cooperation agreement signed jointly by CIRAD and INRAE with an African research institution. The agreement will facilitate staff exchanges, joint organisation of scientific events, and project development on a wide range of scientific topics, extended to new areas such as family farming, climate change adaptation, and the impact of science.

This new agreement follows two previous accords—signed between ARC and CIRAD, in 1999, and between ARC and INRA, now INRAE, in 2014. In the short term, collaborations already exist in the fields of animal health (notably African swine fever), bovine genomic selection, plant protection, and climate change, as well as for the promotion of dialogue and the dissemination of knowledge in the whole African continent.

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Plant and animal health, climate change, nutrition and human health: INRA strengthens cooperation with its Chinese partners

PRESS RELEASE - From 25 to 30 September, Philippe Mauguin, President of INRA, visited Shanghai and Beijing with Carole Caranta, Head of the Plant Biology and Breeding Division, Muriel Vayssier, Head of the Animal Health Division, and Ségolène Halley des Fontaines, Head of International Affairs. During this trip, the delegation signed several agreements and the contracts formalizing two new International Associated Laboratories, strengthening the Institute’s ties with its Chinese partners across a wide range of areas.

27 April 2020


INRA and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences sign agreements for two international laboratories for the agroecological transition

PRESS RELEASE - On the occasion of the Chinese President’s visit to France, two agreements for International Associated Laboratories (LIAs) were signed at INRA Head Office in Paris on Tuesday 26 March by the President of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) Dr Tang Huajun, and the President of INRA, Philippe Mauguin. These two LIAs are more examples of successful, high-level research collaborations between the two countries around global issues related to agriculture, food and the environment.

24 March 2020