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INRAE is recruiting 45 research scientists

Do you want to play an active role in the transition to more sustainable agricultural and food systems which are more respectful of the environment? Do you have a PhD? Then why not become a researcher at INRAE! We are recruiting 45 research scientists of all nationalities and in a wide range of disciplines. Applications are open from 30 January to 5 March 2020.

Published on 30 January 2020

illustration INRAE is recruiting 45 research scientists

Applications from 30 January to 5 March 2020 on JOBS.INRAE.FR

Joining INRAE, the world’s top institute for research on agriculture, food and the environment, involves finding solutions for society’s greatest challenges: limiting the effects of and adapting to climate change, increasing food security and nutrition security, transitioning to new agricultural systems, preserving natural resources, restoring biodiversity and anticipating and managing risks.

As part of INRAE, you will propose and conduct research projects of excellence aimed at both producing knowledge, and contributing to education, innovation and support for public policies. Resolutely focused on action, your research will be carried out as part of partnerships, with our partners in industry or with other institutions, or with citizens in participative research networks. This collaborative research environment is boosted by our key role in internationally recognized university campuses.

Working at INRAE also means being part of stimulating teams with strong values as demonstrated by our commitment to diversity and equality in the workplace. INRAE has been awarded dual Equality-Diversity accreditation. Likewise, the HR Excellence in Research certification highlights the quality of our HR policy which promotes training and mobility, ensures a good work-life balance and implements transparent recruitment procedures.


Offers and registration

Who can apply?

  • Researchers who have obtained their PhD and published articles on the results of their PhD. Candidates are recruited on the basis of their scientific competence which they will put to the service of INRAE’s major research topics.
  • Applications are open to researchers of all nationalities


  • Opening date for applications: 30 January 2020
  • Submission deadline for applications: 5 March 2020
  • Shortlisting: April-May 2020
  • Final selection: May-June 2020
  • Starting date for appointments: from September 2020
Recruitment is open in many scientific fields such as : Agronomy, forestry and zootechnics - Automation and systems - Cell biology - Reproductive and developmental biology - Biology of organisms - Molecular biology - Ecology - Economics - Plant ecophysiology - Entomology - Genetics - Process engineering - Genomics and other omics approaches - Geosciences - History - Computer science and artificial intelligence - Genetic engineering, biotechnologies - Mathematics - Nutrition - Operational research and decision support - Behavioural sciences - Sociology.

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Climate change and risks

Two publications present the results of FACCE-JPI

The Joint Programming Initiative on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change (FACCE-JPI) has published its new brochure and a flyer on soil management in the context of climate change mitigation. The brochure presents the achievements and future actions of FACCE-JPI and includes several key interviews. The flyer highlights some of the research projects that are part of the 'FACCE-JPI Multi-Partner Call on Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research'. Both documents were presented at the International Conference on Agricultural GHG Emissions and Food Security organised by GRA and FACCE-JPI in Berlin (10-13 September 2018).

12 December 2019