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INRAE and WUR reinforce their collaboration on digitalisation, biotechnology and robotics

PRESS RELEASE - As part of the state visit of the President of the French Republic to The Netherlands, France and the Netherlands have expressed their willingness to strengthen the European strategic autonomy in an open economy, by signing a Pact for Innovation and Sustainable Growth. INRAE and WUR welcome the adoption of this Pact, which will develop a structural dialogue and boost public-private cooperation in key economic fields for the twin digital and sustainable transitions, including agriculture and food. To support the implementation of this Pact, INRAE and WUR signed today a joint statement to strengthen their existing collaboration on digitalisation, biotechnology, sensing and robotics applied to food, agriculture and the environment, to foster the needed transitions in the agrifood sector.

Published on 12 April 2023

illustration INRAE and WUR reinforce their collaboration on digitalisation, biotechnology and robotics

INRAE and WUR are committed to contribute to new dynamics in the collaboration between France and the Netherlands through the Agri & Food dimension of the Pact. The priorities set by the Pact for “ensuring food transition” fit well into the strategies and strengths of INRAE and WUR, as both organisations are actively involved in providing solutions to the transitions in agricultural and food systems in our countries, in the EU and beyond. Besides our scientific activities, the acceleration of knowledge transfer and its translation into concrete innovations together with relevant stakeholders including Agritech and Foodtech companies is a strategic priority for our organisations.

Representing the top leading research organisations at European level in the domain of food, bioeconomy, natural resources, agriculture and environment, the two institutes are very well placed to feed the innovation pipeline of Agritech and Foodtech companies. Since 2014, WUR and INRAE have been involved jointly in more than 140 European research projects, including projects targeting specifically robotics, biotechnology (including plant breeding and animal breeding) and data and digitalisation, such as Data4Food2030 (Developing pathways towards a fair, inclusive and innovative Data Economy for Sustainable Food Systems) and  BIOINDUSTRY 4.0 (Research Infrastructure services to promote deep digitalization of Industrial Biotechnology, towards smart bio-manufacturing) funded under Horizon Europe, and AgROBOfood (Business-Oriented Support to the European Robotics and Agri-food Sector, towards a network of Digital Innovation Hubs in Robotics) funded under Horizon 2020.

Based on many years of fruitful and intense collaboration between our two organisations, INRAE and WUR are ready to bring in their expertise and networks in the next steps of the implementation of the Franco-Dutch Pact for Innovation and Sustainable Growth.

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Agriculture and Digital Technology: a white paper by Inria and INRAE to establish the foundations for responsible digital agriculture

PRESS RELEASE - With the challenges that currently face us in the realms of food security, climate and the environment, digital technology is viewed as an opportunity to enhance agricultural practice for the benefit of farmers, consumers and society in general. Digital agriculture could thus provide the foundations on which to build responsible production and consumer systems able to support all types of agriculture and farmers. How can research help to make this vision of responsible digital agriculture a reality? The ‘Agriculture and Digital Technology’ white paper, jointly produced by INRAE and Inria, focuses on this question, seeking out the synergies that can be strengthened between digital transformation and both agroecology and food systems.

01 March 2022

Agroecological transformation for sustainable food systems: Insight on France-CGIAR research

Published on the occasion of the UN World Food Systems Summit, this dossier compiles the works of 500 French and CGIAR agroecology scientists, experts from universities and research organizations, including 20 contributions INRAE. It reflects the diversity and dynamism of scientific and technological research at national and international levels on agroecology.

17 September 2021

Food, Global Health

Reducing consumer food waste using green and digital technologies

This report is a key output of the project ‘Build Back Better: Using Green and Digital Technologies to Reduce Food Waste at Consumer Level’ led by UNEP. It provides an overview of the causes of consumer food waste and the opportunities for reducing it through different means: behavioural change, technological solutions, and public and private initiatives to mitigate the problem.

26 November 2021