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Best wishes for 2021 from INRAE!

As we turn the page on 2020, a year full of surprises, INRAE wishes you a happy and healthy 2021. We look forward to presenting the details of the Institute’s strategic plan, INRAE2030, at the end of the month.

Published on 06 January 2021

carte de vœux animée pour 2021 en anglais

2020 was a red-letter year for INRAE for two reasons: it was the first year after the merger between INRA and Irstea on 1 January, and, our community, like the rest of the world, had to grapple with COVID 19. INRAE rallied its forces against the health crisis, contributing to national and international research on the pandemic. This did not stop the Institute from moving forward with the roll-out of its merger. Indeed, 2020 brought the opportunity for INRAE to bring its ambitions for a new Institute to fruition, through multiple exchanges, internally as well as with partners, in the form of the INRAE2030 strategic plan.

Now more than ever, people and partners – citizens, scientists, industrial players, farmers, students, teachers, associations – are at the heart of our ambition and strategy in France and around the world. The Institute depends on these exchanges to rise to challenges at the interface of food, agriculture, and the environment, and to push the boundaries of science in order to find and share solutions that work.

We look forward to presenting the details of INRAE2030 at a press conference on 25 January.

To each and every one of you, best wishes for 2021.


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Sandrine Vinzant, Director of Communications at INRAE

Sandrine Vinzant always has a smile on her face. She is attentive and approachable, and brings a welcome sense of calm to an institute that fields a never-ending stream of requests with regards to its research in food, agriculture and the environment. With her extensive experience in communication and public relations, she became INRAE’s Director of Communications at INRAE on 1 January 2020, after having spent three years in the same position at INRA and a number of years at the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

24 June 2022


Alternatives to chemical pesticides: 24 European research institutes undertake an ambitious roadmap

PRESS RELEASE - A strong demand from public authorities, agriculture professionals, and society in general, all over Europe, has spurred collaborative research in order to accelerate the agroecological transition. To face a challenge of this magnitude the joint declaration of intent “Towards a Chemical Pesticide-free Agriculture” aims to rethink the way research is carried out and develop new common research and experimentation strategies, not just at a national level, but throughout the whole continent. This declaration was signed today by 24 research organisations from 16 European countries. Driven by the French Institute INRAE and its German counterparts ZALF and JKI, this unprecedented endeavour has brought the European research community together around this ambitious vision of an agriculture free of chemical* pesticides. The declaration, formalised on 23 February at the Paris International Agricultural Show, with support of the french Mnistries in charge of Agriculture and Research, in presence of Amelie de Montchalin, The French State Secretary of EU Affairs, establishes a European research alliance, aiming to build a scientific roadmap that will soon be presented to the European Commission, as a contribution to the European Green Deal.

23 February 2020