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IHC2022 - International Horticultural Congress

The International Horticultural Congress (IHC) is the most important scientific event in the fields related to horticulture under the auspices of the ISHS (International Society for Horticultural Science). It has been organised every 4 years since 1959. More than 3000 participants from all over the world are expected to attend the IHC2022. The congress is organised in partnership with INRAE and Végépolys Valley, Destination Angers, the University of Angers, CIRAD and l'Institut Agro. François Laurens, an INRAE researcher at IRHS unit, is the chair of IHC 2022. In view of the changes and expectations of society and the horticultural sector, the major issues addressed to the scientific community at the 2022 congress are as follows - Food, Public Health & Well-being - Sustainability of production systems - Climate change mitigation and adaptation solutions - Competitiveness and skills for the Horticultural sectors.

illustration IHC2022 - International Horticultural Congress

More than 80 INRAE scientists involved

Why did INRAE support the organization of the IHC2022 congress in Angers?

By Emmanuelle Chevassus-Lozza, President of INRAE Pays de la Loire


During the 25 symposia , INRAE scientists will be particularly involved on the following themes

  •  health and nutritional safety, sustainability and quality of food systems
  •  development of the system approach, agro-ecological horticultural systems, sustainable management of natural resources, functional biodiversity,
  •  precision horticulture and connected plants,
  •  innovation processes, interdisciplinarity, links between research and society, co-design with stakeholders,
  •  new uses and new functions of plants.
8 symposia are co-organised by INRAE scientists:
  • S1: Breeding and effective use of biotechnology and molecular tools in horticultural crops  (Mathilde Causse, Unité Génétique et Amélioration des Fruits et Légumes (GAFL)
  • S05:  Innovations in ornamentals: from breeding to market VIII International Symposium on Rose Research and Cultivation  (Fabrice Foucher, IRHS)
  • S09: Urban horticulture for sustainable food security (URBANFOOD2022) (Kevin Morel, UMR SADAPT)
  • S11: Adaptation of horticultural plants to abiotic stresses (Bénédicte Wenden,  UMR Biologie du Fruit et Pathologie)
  • S15: Agroecology and system approach for sustainable and resilient horticultural production (Sylvaine Simon, Unité Expérimentale Recherches Intégrées - Gotheron)
  • S16Innovative perennial crops management (Pierre-Eric Lauri, UMR ABSys - Biodiversified Agrosystems)
  • S17: iIntégrative approaches to product quality in fruits and vegetables (Nadia Bertin, UMR Plantes et Systèmes Horticoles)
  • S19: Advances in berry crops (Béatrice Denoyes, UMR Biologie du fruit et pathologie)
  • S24: IX international symposium on human health effects of fruits and vegetables - favhealth2022  (Marie-Jo Amiot-Carlin, department alimentation humaine)

See the full programme on the congress website

3 technical tours on INRAE research

3 technical tours organized on August 17 will be an opportunity to present the research work carried out by INRAE researchers from the INRAE Pays de la Loire centre:

  • Tour 1 "HORTICULTURE RESEARCH CAMPUS, FROM GENES TO SUSTAINABLE CROPPING SYSTEMS AND ENVIRONMENT" on the plant campus, which brings together more than 250 researchers within the IRHS unit (INRAE-Institut agro Rennes Angers -Université d'Angers) : researchers will explain their research work on plant production sustainability and plant resistance to provide new concepts and solutions in response to abiotic and biotic stresses affecting crops.
  •  Tour 8 "FRUIT BREEDING, NURSERIES AND MARKETING" at the INRAE UE Horti experimental unit: discover the pome fruit breeding activities. The visit by the researchers of the IRHS unit will present the upstream part called « prebreeding » which include i) the creation of progenitors combining various sources of resistance from germplasm collections; ii) the development of breeding tools (molecular markers, phenotyping tools...)
  •  Tour 14 "DIVERSITY AND PRODUCTION OF ORNAMENTALS" on the genetic diversity of roses in  private collection rose gardens. Participants will discover the large diversity in the genus Rosa with more than 3000 accessions displayed. The research activity of IRHS on rose genetic diversity about the impact of natural selection and human selection will be presented. This visit will show the relationship between private collections and public research.

The spirit of the congress

A high scientific level

with a unique opportunity for meeting and debating on the main topics:

  • Competitiveness and skills for the horticultural sectors
  • Food, public health & well-being,
  • Sustainability of production systems
  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation solutions

Making value from Research - Education - Industry

IHC2022 is an opportunity to boost links between research, education and industry in an effort to facilitate the transfer and application of research for industry. It is also the place to motivate and encourage the new talents of tomorrow's horticulture.

Developing international collaborations, in particular between South and North

Promoting experience - sharing and bringing together different types of horticulture..

François Laurens, President of IHC2022, INRAE researcher, presents this congress in a few words and pictures

This congress brings together the world's largest scientific community in the horticulture sector around major issues.
From 14 to 20 August 2022, the congress will include 25 symposia, workshops and much more.
Angers is the first green city in France with a centre of excellence in plants. It makes good sense for this 31st edition to be held in France and more precisely in Angers.

ISHS - International Society for Horticultural Science

The ISHS is a worldwide network of over 7000 members. The purpose of this learned society is to promote and foster research and education in the field of horticultural sciences and to facilitate cooperation and knowledge transfer on a global scale through events and publications.

By meeting every 4 years on a different continent (Lisbon in 2010 - Brisbane in 2014 - Istanbul in 2018), the IHC addresses all topics related to Horticulture during 1 week.

Find out more: https://www.ishs.org/


During one week, in August 2022, more than 3000 participants, ISHS members and non-members, from around the world are expected to attend IHC2022:
Scientists, technicians, students, consultants,  engineers, producers, industry, representatives of trade and consumer organizations, media, policy makers, professionals. Participants will meet in the spirit of discovery and interaction on the occasion of plenary sessions, symposia, an exhibition, networking, BtoB meetings, an exceptional social programme and technical visits.

14-18 August 2022 - Angers Convention Center

  • Plenary Sessions
  • About thirty symposia
  • Workshops
  • Meetings
  • Exhibition
  • Social programme (opening and closing ceremony, parties, visits...)
  • Side events

19-20 August 2022

Technical and tourist visits

Angers, Plant Capital

Angers enjoys one of the mildest climates and the highest density of players in the French plant sector: research and training establishments (INRAE, University of Angers, Agrocampus Ouest, etc.), industries (farmers, cooperatives, seed companies, suppliers, processors), but also experimentation centers, associations, unions and the Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO). These actors work together for development and innovation within the Vegepolys Valley competitiveness cluster.

Angers is the scene of many exhibitions and congresses in the various fields of horticulture. As the first green city in France, Angers has many botanical gardens and Terra Botanica, the first European park dedicated to plants from the five continents.

The plant sector in Pays de la Loire

  •   4,000 companies
  •   450 researchers
  •   30,000 jobs
  •   3,000 students


Congress organizers

Organizer logo wall

Sabrina Grenier Communication department INRAE Pays de la Loire centre


François Laurens President of IHC2022 Research Institute on Horticulture and Seeds - IRHS (INRAE - Agrocampus Ouest - Université d'Angers)