One health for people, animals and environment

The One Health approach arose with the emergence and re-emergence of infectious diseases, a phenomena exacerbated by globalisation. It follows a simple guiding principle: to protect the health of human populations, it is essential to preserve the health of animal populations and ecosystems. Coming from a broad array of fields, researchers at INRAE are collaborating to generate knowledge and inform decision-making by stakeholders on matters of public health. Interdisciplinary projects have now become the norm.


The spread of zoonotic disease in recent years, such as Ebola and Covid-19 have underscored that public health challenges must be anticipated by deploying and combining discoveries in numerous disciplines. Only an interdisciplinary approach can provide the toolkit needed to grapple with the increasingly intense global challenges.

One Health, in one glimpse

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Preventing future pandemics

Launched at the One planet Summit in January 2021, at the initiative of INRAE, IRD and Cirad, now supported by nearly 170 partners, including 15 governments, PREZODE is placing research on animal, human and environmental health at the heart of the global efforts needed to better understand, prevent, monitor, and detect early zoonotic pandemic risks.

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