National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment

Our research themes

Climate change and risks

Adapting to climate change and managing risks

• Moving towards climate neutrality by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the storage of carbon in soils and biomass • Adapting agricultural practices, forestry practices, and water resource management to deal with climate change • Understanding, anticipating, and limiting climate risks to reduce ecosystem vulnerability while also increasing ecosystem resilience • Forecasting, averting, and adapting to multiple climate risks and their interactions

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Discover our centres in France
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INRAE, French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment

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PREZODE - Preventing zoonotic disease emergence

Preventing zoonotic disease emergence is a major scientific and global challenge. To achieve this, reducing the pressures on the environment and using a One Health approach, including human, animal and environmental health in scientific and operational activities is essential, as highlighted by the One Health High Level Expert Panel. At the initiative of INRAE, IRD and CIRAD, and now supported by nearly 170 partners, including 14 governments, the PREZODE initiative places research on animal, human and environmental health at the heart of the global efforts needed to better understand, prevent, monitor, and detect early zoonotic pandemic risks.