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France joins the OECD CRP-BIO programme: new funding to improve international scientific cooperation

PRESS RELEASE - Food security, the impacts of climate change and managing natural resources are all challenges that need to be addressed based on greater international scientific cooperation. After eight years of suspension, France – represented by the Ministries for Agriculture and Research, supported by INRAE, CIRAD and Agreenium – will in 2021 be joining the Cooperative Research Programme (CRP) operated by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to work notably on biological resource management for sustainable agricultural systems. Calls for applications are already open for research actors in France who wish to obtain conference sponsorship or research grants for 2021.

Published on 09 July 2020

illustration France joins the OECD CRP-BIO programme: new funding to improve international scientific cooperation
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This OECD programme aims to improve knowledge and produce pertinent scientific opinions on the sustainable use of natural resources in the fields of agriculture, food, fisheries and forestry, in support of public policies.

The CRP is also designed to facilitate international cooperation between scientists and institutions so that they can attain policy goals agreed at a global level. 

The Cooperative Research Programme thus focuses on three general research themes, each containing priority research fields. The programme is redefined every five years as a function of scientific advances in the fields of agriculture, food, fisheries and forestry.

• Theme 1: Managing natural capital for the future; efforts to ensure the availability and quality of natural resources.

• Theme 2: Managing risks in a connected world: research can help to anticipate and address potential and real impacts on agricultural systems and food security.

• Theme 3: Transformational technologies and innovation to achieve radical change.

Two new funding opportunities for French research

Actors in French research are thus being offered two new opportunities for funding so that they can:

  • Propose short-term research projects involving individual scientists who wish to visit other countries belonging to the CRP[1]. These individual research grants contribute to the circulation of ideas and increase international mobility and cooperation.
  • Propose the organisation of international conferences and workshops that will contribute to informing political decision-makers, industry and the academic world regarding innovative research, developments and scientific opportunities.

The deadline to submit applications is fixed at midnight on Thursday 10 September 2020 (French time). 


[1]  The CRP is funded by financial contributions from its 26 member states. Applicants must be resident in one of the countries participating in the Programme, but are not limited by where they work.

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