INRAE’s scientific and technical journals

INRAE is internationally recognised for its agricultural, food and environmental research. Its scientific and technical publishing is also internationally regarded, with nine leading academic research journals and four technical journals for industry professionals and organisations. By 2024, all articles in these journals will be available for free upon publication.

Academic research journals

INRAE owns, or jointly owns, nine peer-reviewed academic research journals.

These journals have an international editorial board to set their editorial policy in terms of content, publication decisions and the journal’s scope. Scientific rigour is ensured by an international network of proofreaders and associate editors.

Supported by INRAE’s research divisions, the journals are published and disseminated by well-known scientific publishing houses, including Springer, Elsevier and EDP Sciences. Five of the journals have made all their articles publicly available free of charge for a number of years now (gold open access). The three remaining journals are currently published under a hybrid model (subscriptions and open access), and will move to making articles free in 2022 and research data free in 2024.

Agronomy for Sustainable Development is an international journal bringing together research and review articles with a sustainable development perspective on interactions between crop systems and their environments. 


Animal publishes innovative and cutting-edge science related to animals used for animal production, and that is relevant to whole animal outcomes, and/or to animal management practices. 


Annals of Forest Science is an international, multi-disciplinary journal that publishes papers on all areas of forest and wood sciences, including ecology, forest dynamics, genetics, evolutionary biology, tree physiology, pests and diseases, forest-based economics and forestry. 


Apidologie is an international journal that publishes original articles, review articles and scientific notes in English on all aspects of the biology of insects belonging to the superfamily Apoidea (honeybees, wild bees, bumblebees).


Genetics Selection Evolution is an international peer-reviewed journal dedicated to research in genetics and selection in farm animals, experimental animals and other related species. The studies contribute to understanding and making optimum use of animal genetic variability, from the scale of the gene to the individual, population, breed or species.

Natures Sciences Sociétés publishes original work in English and French on the interaction between societies and their environments, including case studies, review articles and topical debates. 


Review of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Studies publishes research and analysis in economics and sociology on the topics of production, agricultural markets and trade, agricultural and food-industry production, food consumption, the environment and natural resources, and rural areas and land use.

The Journal of Plant Hydraulics is an open-access, electronic journal owned by INRAE. Its objective is to become a reference scientific journal in the very dynamic field of plant hydraulics.

Veterinary Research is an international journal that publishes high-quality, new research and review articles on infectious diseases in animals.


Technical journals

For more than 30 years, INRAE has published and distributed technical journals to disseminate the work of INRAE laboratories to other professionals and public- and private‑sector stakeholders.

These journals cover major issues, such as water and environmental management, climate change and its impact on biodiversity and land resources, animal production and welfare, and agricultural and environmental innovation.

All articles in these journals are available in open-access.

Innovations agronomiques published in French, is aimed at disseminating recent results of research and development to foster innovation in the fields of agriculture, food and the environment. 

Productions animales is a French-language scientific journal that publishes review articles aimed at a wide audience, including researchers, teachers and students, but also professionals in animal husbandry, nutrition and health.


Nov'AE (formerly Le cahier des techniques INRAE) is a journal that publishes papers in French on technical implementation, protocols, prototypes and methodologies, developed and put into practice at INRAE.

Sciences Eaux & Territoires provides clear, readable information of high scientific and technical value to inform action and decision-making processes for public and private stakeholders in the fields of rural development and the environment.

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