13 16 November 2023 Ended

Latresne (near Bordeaux)


The XIII STICS Seminar will be held at Aérocampus Aquitaine near Bordeaux, France, on November 13th -16th, 2023.

illustration XIII STICS Seminar

This STICS seminar aims to bring together the designers, developers and users of the STICS crop model to present and share the latest scientific advances of the model, the case studies with the STICS model and lead the collective reflection on the development strategy of the model and tools, to address agronomic and environmental issues and to support the agroecological transitions.

The topics that will be covered relate to all the work carried out using the STICS model.

All communication proposals are welcome.

We will organize thematic sessions on the following topics:

  • Theme 1: Functional groups of the STICS project team
  • Theme 2: New version of the STICS model (v10.0): formalisms, configuration, associated tools
  • Theme 3: Cropping systems and climate change
  • Theme 4: Modeling cropping systems and biogeochemical cycles to support agroecological transitions
  • Theme 5: Solutions under our feet : accelerating and improving the design of innovative cropping systems by integrating our knowledge of roots, rhizosphere and soil
  • Theme 6 : Free proposal

Registration is open from March 1st until September 4th, 2023.

The abstract submission period is open through June 30th, 2023. The deadline for abstract submission has been extended to July 15th.

All information on seminar website

Communication Dept INRAE AgroEcoSystem division


Patricia Braconnier Soil-Plant-Atmosphere Interactions (ISPA)