26 June 10 July 2021 Ended


Plant Health and Quality Summer School

The Summer School on Plant Health and Quality will be held in Angers from June 26 to July 10, 2021. It will be focussed on multidisciplinary approaches in the field of sustainable management of plant health and quality.

The program relies on interactive classes, conferences including international speakers and hands-on activities.

Plant Health

  •     Plant pathology: new technologies for pathogen detection
  •     Phenotyping applied to plant health monitoring
  •     Insect chemical ecology for pest control
  •     Plant resistance inducers (elicitors) in crop protection
  •     Parasitic plants
  •     Seed microbiota and seed-borne pathogens

Plant Quality

  •     Fruit post harvest quality, sensory analyses of plant products
  •     Architecture characterization of ornamental plants
  •     Plant physiology

The program is open to Master's students and possibly to Bachelor's students in the fields of agriculture, plant science and biological science. A good level of English is required.


Lydie Huché-Thélier UMR IRHS (INRAE - Agrocampus Ouest - Université d'Angers)

Laure Perchepied UMR IRHS (INRAE - Agrocampus Ouest - Université d'Angers)