06 10 September 2021 Ended


20th Organic World Congress

The Organic World Congress (OWC2021) will be held in Rennes from 6 to 10 September 2021. INRAE researchers will give over 50 oral or poster presentations during the event (initially planned from 21 to 27 September 2020).

illustration 20th Organic World Congress

Drawing from the motto, ‘From its Roots, Organic Inspires Life‘, the 20th OWC aims to provide organic and likeminded stakeholders working towards sustainable agriculture, value chains, and consumption with an opportunity to exchange their knowledge, innovations, and experiences. The congress is seen as a leading event for the global organic sector.

Plenary sessions of the 20th Organic World Congress (OWC) will be accompanied by six individual conference forums:

  • Leadership Forum: Discuss and shape the future of the organic movement
  • Farmers’ and Advisors’ Forum: Share knowledge and initiatives
  • Science Forum: Present research on the organic sector
  • Supply and Value Chain Forum: Share inspiring experiences and address work-related concerns
  • Culture and Education Forum: Discuss the philosophical foundation and knowledge management of the organic movement
  • Stakeholder Forum: Promote a multi-actor approach for organic food systems


INRAE is one of the organising partners of OWC2021. 52 oral and poster presentations by researchers from the Institute will be proposed during the event.

  • Monday 6 September. INRAE/ITAB demonstration field tour: using carrot and buckwheat as examples, the tour explores on-farm seed stewardship, plant breeding and culinary evaluation methodologies, including tasting.
  • Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 September. The Place des Lices in Rennes will host an archipelago of initiatives around organic, peasant and diversified agriculture and food but also around the respect of the environment: nature, habitat,mobility, etc. www.voyageenterrebio.org/les-lices-aux-tresors
  • Friday 10 September. Workshop: how can we develop organic agriculture and food? Organised by METABIO, INRAE’s metaprogramme on scaling up organic agriculture.

INRAE presentations during the congress >

Focus on the scientific forum

Organic agriculture has been studied by INRAE for many years. This form of agriculture and its associated systems inspire a lot of research around the world. Scientific advances are vital for the continuous improvement of organic food, systems and agriculture. The scientific exchanges will be structured around five themes during this congress:

  • Ecological Approaches to Systems’ Health
  • Product and Process Quality in Organic Agriculture: Methods and Challenges
  • Transitioning Towards Organic and Sustainable Food Systems
  • Innovation in Organic Farming: “Thinking Outside of the Box”
  • Political and Economic Frameworks as Drivers for a Vibrant Development of the Organic Sector


Conference Languages
The conference language is English. Simultaneous interpretation in English, French, and Spanish will be made available for specific sessions during the congress, in particular for plenary sessions and for the Farmers' Forum.