16 18 October 2024


NeuroFood : Brain-Nutrition interactions: From metabolic to psychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases

Eating hypercaloric food, rich in saturated fats and sugars and lacking essential nutrients, vitamins, and fibers, is associated with brain non-communicable diseases, including depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s, often co-morbid with obesity and type-2 diabetes. Complex intertwining exists between these different pathologies and our diet. An appropriate energy supply in quantity and quality is crucial for healthy brain functioning. Consequently, the brain is the main victim of changes in diet-induced energy disposal and metabolism, ultimately leading to pathology. On the other hand, nutrients and micronutrients represent potential tools to protect/correct brain diseases, and can be used to design new nutritional strategies for personalized medicine. This conference will gather recognized French and International experts, who will provide overviews on advances made in understanding the impact of nutrition on psychiatric, neurodegenerative, and metabolic disorders, from molecular to behavioral neuroscience, up to human clinical trials and interventions. Presentations from established scientists will be combined with short talks and posters from younger researchers. The speakers’ list includes young and more experienced scientists, respecting diversity and gender balance.


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