05 17 November 2022 Ended

Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

INRAE will be at the UN COP27 on Climate Change

The United Nations 27th Climate Change Conference of the Parties, will take place in Sharm El-Sheikh, from November 6-18, 2022, 30 years after the adoption of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. INRAE will be an observator, sharing, along its partners, key messages from reasearch for the land sector, to foster dialogue with all stakeholders and call for urgent and ambitious action.

illustration INRAE will be at the UN COP27 on Climate Change

The global climate crisis is affecting every continent and all life on Earth, exacerbating food insecurity, biodiversity loss, desertification and water scarcity, especially in Africa. Science, and notably through the International Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), has alerted that climate change effects are accelerating with a magnitude exceeding previous predictions. As such, the continuous production of scientific knowledge, the design of innovative solutions and tools, with a systemic approach, while supporting adequate public policies, are crucial. INRAE understands the role of transdisciplinary and collaborative research in this grand challenge and is working with its partners to design fair, efficient and sustainable transitions in the land sector.

Our participation

INRAE's delegation: Jean-François Soussana, INRAE Vice-President of International Policy

Meet with us on the joint stand of CIRAD, INRAE and IRD, at booth 37 -Blue Zone, from Nov 15th to the 17th.

  • Side-event INRAE, CIRAD, IRD: "The land sector: a game changer for a net zero CO2, adaptation, biodiversity & food security"
    With Jean-François Soussana

    November 14, on Gender/Water day, 4.45 pm to 6.15 pm
    Room 6, Osiris or
    watch online

Reaching net zero CO2 (balance of residual emissions and sinks) by 2050 is needed to maintain the global mean temperature on Earth below 1.5°C in 2100. The race to net zero CO2 is a fundamental driver of transformation in all sectors of the economy and therefore needs to be supported, but it needs to be framed to ensure the environmental integrity and the social cohesion of neutrality commitments. This requires addressing simultaneously several challenges during race to zero: climate change, biodiversity, land degradation and desertification, water resources, food security, poverty and other SDG-related topics. In the Biodiversity arena this echoes the debate around land sparing-high input, intensive farming that allows large portions of land to be “spared” for nature; and land sharing-biodiversity friendly low-input farming that shares land more equitably between nature and humans.

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French pavilion

  • High Council on Climate (France) « Le Haut Conseil pour le Climat : Un organisme indépendant d’évaluation de la politique de la France pour atteindre la neutralité carbone et s’adapter au réchauffement climatique »
    With Jean-François Soussana

    November 15,  on Ace & Civil Society/Energy Day,
  • Side event PREZODE « Links between climate change and zoonotic diseases emergence - Prevention as a global solution through the example of the PREZODE initiative »
    With Jean-François Soussana
    November 17,

European Commission pavilion

  • Side-event ESABCC,"The European Scientific Advisory Board on Climate Change: how independent scientific advice can strengthen climate action"
    With Jean-François Soussana

    November 15 , on Ace & Civil Society/Energy Day, 7pm
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4 per 1000 initiative Day "Health Soil for a Healthy Planet"

  • With Philippe Mauguin, INRAE CEO, online, and Jean-François Soussana, Vice-President of International Policy at INRAE, on-site
    November 16, on Biodiversity day

The French Partnership for Water is at COP27: The full programme

COP27: what is at stake?

While the successful adoption of the Paris Agreement was a step in the right direction, following COP26 in Glasgow, COP27 is decisive. Immediate actions towards mitigation and adaptation are needed to have a chance to meet the 1.5 degree target.



  • Immediate actions and raised ambitions to fulfil the pledges and commitments of the Paris Agreement
  • Implemented Glasgow Pact call to review ambition in NDCs and the creation of a work programme


  • Reiterate commitment to the Global Goal on Adaptation of COP26 to capture and assess progress
  • Enhanced global agenda for action on adaptation


Follow-up on existing commitments and pledges to provide clarity as to where we are and what is needed.


Governments, the private sector and civil society working together for new and upscaled existing solutions

Find out more on the official website: https://cop27.eg/