21 26 March 2022 Ended

Dakar, Senegal

INRAE at the 9th World Water Forum

INRAE will be at the 9th World Water Forum, from March 21 to 26, in Dakar, Senegal. We will be on the French stand through the French Water Partnership. Several of our researchers will be attending the Forum to present their work carried out at the international level to respond to water global challenges, during several sessions and side-events.

illustration INRAE at the 9th World Water Forum
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The Forum focuses on outcomes and solutions to social, environmental and economic issues for populations around the world, linked to water challenges. Four priorities have been set for the forum: water security and sanitation; water for rural development; cooperation; means and tools. Working groups structured around these 4 priorities are led by Senegal and the World Water Council, and supported by strategic partners from the public and private sector. The Forum also aims to contribute to the United Nations SDGs of the 2030 Agenda, specifically SDG 6 on access to clean water and sanitation for all.  




March 21

2-3.30 pm (GMT), EXPO room 8

Official session 1B2 “Implement water quality protection through sound governance, using an inclusive multi-stakeholder approach and knowledge-based policy making”

  • INRAE speaker: Jean-François Humbert

March 22

10.45-12.15 am (GMT), EXPO room 3

Official session 2B2 “Technological innovation for the development of sanitation and hygiene for rural development”

  • INRAE speaker: Rémi Lombard-Latune "Nature based solutions for sanitation: French system of vertical flow treatment wetland adaptation to tropical climate"

1.30-3 pm (GMT), EXPO room 3

Official session 2B3 "Sanitation planning for rural area: capacity building of sanitation actors and awareness raising of users for hygiene and sanitation development in rural area"

  • INRAE speaker: Rémi Lombard-Latune, "WasteWAG: a participatory approach to build with all stakeholders individual and collective strategies to guarantee access to sanitation for all"

5-6 pm (GMT)

Side-event, presentation of the WaSAF - Water Safe in Africa international research programme, the causes and consequences of proliferation of cyanobacteria, its monitoring and management

  • INRAE speaker: Jean-François Humbert

March 23

10.45-12.15 (GMT)
Special Session 35, "Mainstreaming agroecology in irrigated agriculture" (coordinated by FAO, INRAE, IRD and Cirad)

  • INRAE speaker: Sami Bouarfa, Deputy Director of Water Resarch Department, INRAE

March 24

10.45-12.15 (GMT), EXPO room 6

Official session 2E2, "New paradigms to make productive waters to empower rural communities"

  • INRAE speakers:

Philippe Namour & Pascal Breil, "Wastewater Treatment in Arid Rural Areas for Soil Desalination and Irrigation"

Rémi Lombard-Latune, "Participatory approach for implementing the multi-barriers approach promoted by WHO"

COSTEA - "Initiative Dakar 2022" label

The COSTEA project, led by Sami Bouarfa, Deputy Director of the INRAE’s Water Department of Research was labelled “Initiative Dakar 2022”. 

Program: During the Forum, COSTEA will have a stand with two side events scheduled each day.

  • INRAE speakers: presentations on reuse by Rémi Lombard-Latune and several presentations of COSTEA with Sami Bouarfa. 

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