03 06 July 2023 Ended


ICP2023 International Conference on Polyphenols

The 31st International Conference on Polyphenols will be held in Nantes from 3 to 6 July 2023 and will be organized by INRAE and partners.

illustration ICP2023 International Conference on Polyphenols

The 31st edition of this conference will be an opportunity to bring together actors in the field to share research results and perspectives.

Main topics

  • Structure, reactivity & synthesis
  • Bioactivity, bioavailability & microbiota
  • Metabolomics, targeted analysis & big data
  • Processing, sensory properties, safety & regulatory measures
  • Biogenesis and functions in plants & ecosystems
  • Biomaterials, green chemistry & circular bioeconomy

INRAE participation

  • Hélène Fulcrand, Agropolymer Engineering and Emerging Technologies Research Unit, as member of the Scientific committee;
  • Véronique Cheynier, Sciences for Oenology Research Unit as member of the Scientific committee and Key speaker;
  • Olivier Dangles, Safety and Quality of Processed Fruit and Vegetables Research Unit, as Key speaker;
  • Sylvain Guyot, Angélique Boissière, Laurence Chevrel, Agnès Gacel, Sophie Guilois-Dubois, Gildas Le Bail, Jean-Michel Le Quéré and Magalie Weber, Biopolymers, Interactions, Assemblies Research Unit,  as members of the Organizing committee.

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Sylvain Guyot Biopolymers, Interactions, Assemblies Research Unit