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IBISBA Mini-Summit: Inspiring Biotech Solutions

The IBISBA mini-summit is a series of two back-to-back events that will take place on the 31st of January and the 1st of February 2024 in Paris. ͏ ͏It will gather relevant European stakeholders to discuss how to best support the circular bioeconomy transition, consider national and European synergies for funding and the necessary interoperability and standards efforts. IBISBA is a pan-European distributed research infrastructure dedicated to industrial biotechnology, gathering 21 European universities and research & technology organisations.

illustration IBISBA Mini-Summit: Inspiring Biotech Solutions

In the face of international competition, no single actor, be it public or private, can support the development of industrial biotechnology at the level needed for Europe to succeed the bioeconomy transition. Europe must adopt a more integrated, multidisciplinary approach to transform into a modern, resource-efficient, and competitive economy. This transformation begins with a common understanding of the bioeconomy, biotechnology, and biomanufacturing, where we fit, and how we can better collaborate.

An increasing number of national and regional bioeconomy strategies promote cross-sectoral cooperation. Therefore, mapping out national and European research funding initiatives enabling these strategies will be crucial to optimize funding and spur industrial biotechnology research and innovation forward.

Cross board, cross sectoral cooperation also requires efforts on interoperability and standards by all research, development, and innovation actors.

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What is Ibisba ?


IBISBA is a pan-European distributed research infrastructure dedicated to industrial biotechnology, gathering 21 Europeans universities and research & technology organisations, including INRAE.  


Since 2017, IBISBA has been building a permanent, interdisciplinary research community whose common goal is to advance industrial biotechnology in Europe. From life sciences, to chemical engineering, and computational sciences, IBISBA provides greater accessibility to national research facilities and services across Europe in order to provide seamless support for end-to-end bioprocess development. Each research facility provides its unique expertise, forming the different links in the biotechnology R&D value chain. Together, they ensure the necessary R&D continuum across all upstream to downstream R&D activities required for industrial biotech projects to scale. By accelerating industrial biotechnology R&D&I, IBISBA constitutes a key element of the European Green Deal, supporting its ambition to deliver a more sustainable and competitive circular bioeconomy.


Building on 3 EU-funded projects, IBISBA 1.0, PREP-IBISBA and DIALS-IBISBA, IBISBA now aims to establish a European Research Infrastructure Consortium by 2026.

IBISBA's Factsheet

  • 10 countries represented: France, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Finland, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Spain, and the UK.
  • The only European distributed research infrastructure dedicated to industrial biotechnology offering all the R&D services needed at all the stages of bioprocess development. It is part of the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) roadmap since 2018.
  • Partner research facilities benefit from a European governance structure that frames common decisions and supports concerted actions in favour of European industrial biotechnology.
  • 5 categories of services: protein discovery and engineering, production strain development, bioprocess development & optimisation, omics & analytics, and TEA/LCA.
  • The headquarters catalyse work on interoperability and trains research facilities on common business standards and shared tools designed to overcome the hurdles.



Day 1 will gather relevant European stakeholders to raise awareness and discuss how to best support the circular bioeconomy transition.

Day 2 The first session will look at national and European funding initiatives, providing the opportunity to consider how future synergies can be built. The second session will focus on interoperability, showcasing IBISBA’s experience and plans, sharing these with others that are working actively in this area.

Confirmed speakers

INRAE CEO, Philippe Mauguin, EuropaBio Industrial Biotechnology Director, Anne-Gaëlle Collot, OECD Science and Technology Policy Analyst, Jim Philip and other honorary guests. 


Michael O’DONOHUE Acting Director General IBISBA - Division Leader, INRAETRANSFORM division

Marie ANCELIN IBISBA Strategic Relations Manager

Nicolas DEPRETRE IBISBA Facility Liaison & Quality Manager