29 31 March 2021 Ended


Annual EJP Soil Science Days

The Annual EJP Soil Science Days facilitate exchange of scientific knowledge within the EJP SOIL consortium and strengthen scientific networks with peers in soil research.

illustration Annual EJP Soil Science Days
© INRAE, Jean Weber

The Annual Science Days focus on presenting results and research from EJP SOIL projects and discussing scientific topics relevant to the consortium. 

Day 1: 'Europe's soils, the road to go', is an open event for a broad audience.   
Days 2 and 3 are dedicated days for the members of the EJP SOIL consortium.
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Towards climate-smart and sustainable soil management

The EU-funded EJP SOIL (EU, 2020-2025) project will create an enabling environment to enhance the contribution of agricultural soils to key societal challenges such as climate change adaptation and mitigation, sustainable agricultural production, ecosystem services provision as well as prevention and restoration of land and soil degradation.
The project brings together a group of 26 leading European research institutes and universities in 24 countries. EJP SOIL is coordinated by INRAE and was launched on 24 February, 2020.
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