Île-de-France - Versailles-Saclay

The Île-de-France - Versailles-Saclay Research Centre produces knowledge and know-how in the fields of plant biology, agriculture, ecology and food.

The activities of the Île-de-France - Versailles-Saclay centre are structured around eight topics, shared with the Île-de-France - Jouy-en-Josas - Antony centre:

  • Microorganisms, Health & Environment
  • Animal Science, Diversity, Adaptation & Health
  • Plant Science, Diversity, Health & Biotechnology
  • Aquatic ecosystems & Natural Risks
  • Digital Sciences & Systems Modelling
  • Agroecosystems & Environment
  • Food Science & Engineering
  • Territories, Governance & Innovation in society

The INRAE Île-de-France - Versailles-Saclay Research Centre comprises 23 research, service or support units and an experimental unit. These units are spread over two major sites, Versailles and Thiverval-Grignon, in addition to Évry, Gif-sur-Yvette, Ivry-sur-Seine, Marne-la-Vallée, Massy and Paris. Today, just over 1,200 people work there.

95% of INRAE researchers in the Paris Region have opted for academic affiliation with the Université Paris-Saclay, a partnership that strengthens ties with AgroParisTech, a component establishment of this university, with which INRAE works in the Paris Region in the framework of fourteen research units in a co-tutorship arrangement.