INRAE partners

INRAE has partnerships with more than 450 socio-economic stakeholders, businesses, associations, regional authorities and more. Annual income from these research partnership contracts totals €30.9M.

> Companies such as Tereos, Danone, Soufflet and Allice, as well as environmental players such as EDF, Suez, Engie and Veolia, with framework agreements of three to five years which are often renewed. 

> INRAE has been working in recent years to strengthen its partnerships with business consortia with a view to addressing generic issues, such as creating a consortium on white biotechnology (Toulouse White Biotechnology) or the Biocontrôle consortium.

> SMEs and larger regional companies, especially through shared innovation schemes such as the Protenolab or Sequamol LabComs (“shared laboratories” led by the French National Research Agency – ANR). 

> Regional authorities, working with local SMEs and start-ups through the Territories d’innovation schemes, such as Ouesterel and Occitanum.

> Technical institutes, particularly in the Joint Technology Units (UMTs), which propose five-year bilateral partnerships. INRAE is involved in 10 UMTs in the plant sector, 10 UMTs in the animal sector, and seven UMTs in the food sector. 

> Technical Institutes, Chambers of Agriculture, agricultural schools, institutes of higher education and public research organisations for the co-construction of research programmes (Scientific Interest Groups – GISs, Joint Technology Networks – RMTs).