2RI international research networks

Is your goal to bring together several French and foreign laboratories in a flexible collaboration that creates connections between research networks focusing on a given theme? 2RI international research networks establish relationships among multiple international partners, creating a forum for fruitful scientific exchanges around a specific theme.

What are 2RI international research networks?

2RI international research networks are exactly what their name implies. At INRAE, they link French research partners with foreign research partners. They generally include 1–3 laboratories per country, and they receive support from a scientific committee and a coordination committee.

How long do 2RI international research networks last?

Five years (renewable once). The length of a 2RI can be changed upon approval. However, its total duration cannot exceed 10 years.

Who can apply to create a 2RI international research network?

  • In France, those applying to create a 2RI must be INRAE researchers OR either university professors or researchers from other institutes that are part of an INRAE joint research unit.
  • Foreign researchers must be part of a research institute or a university.

When and how can this application be submitted?

The application to create a 2RI can be submitted at any time to the relevant INRAE scientific division. It is simultaneously submitted to the appropriate administrators at the partner institutes abroad.

How are the applications evaluated?

Applications are evaluated in tandem by experts at INRAE and at the partner institutes. At INRAE, this process is carried out by the scientific divisions.
If the application is approved, a research partnership agreement is written up that describes the research to be performed, how the network will be managed and monitored, provisions related to confidentiality, and provisions related to agreement management. It is signed by the appropriate administrators at the participating French and foreign partner institutes. It is also possible to create additional research partnership agreements that focus on specific issues related to the research to be performed, such as intellectual property rights, the transfer of biological material, scientific exchanges, publications, and the use of the results. These agreements are appended to the main research partnership agreement.

How are 2RI international research networks funded?

Funding is provided by the partner institutes making up the network. It largely goes to pay for mobility, seminars, and symposia. The Vice President of International Policy at INRAE can decide to provide a set amount of money to help define, establish, and launch the 2RI when the research theme is highly relevant to INRAE or there is strategic interest in working with a particular research team.