The 2022 INRAE Awards

Scientific excellence, collective innovation and positive impact on citizens’ lives... the INRAE Awards distinguish the wealth of talents and backgrounds within our Institute. Discover this year's awardwinners.

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2022 INRAE Awards

Thierry Candresse – Lifetime Achievement Award
Fruit-tree specialist and plant virome pioneer, he spent eight years providing expertise to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to define and update quarantine pest lists and the methods used to assess the risks they pose.

exploring the nanoworld of viruses

Claire Berton-Carabin - Promising Researcher Award
She instituted a multi-scale approach, developing new techniques, such as microfluidics or interfacial rheology, to reveal the mechanisms that control an emulsion's properties from its first milliseconds on.

The science of emulsion


Didier Azam - Innovation Award
During 40 years, his enthusiasm and determination led to the development of an ambitious project for experimental facilities aimed at furthering knowledge of aquatic environments.

a fair-weather sailor


Clara Tremberth - Research Support Award
Fluent in many languages including best negotiator's one, she works on more than 3,500 acts concluded with public and private partners per year.

An architect of partnership contracts


Resistant vines team - Science with an Impact Award
Vines that are naturally resistant to disease and do not require antifungal treatments for quality wines; this is the challenge taken up by the innovation of this scientific group in partnership with the industry.

Thriving on the vine


Sophie Nicklaus - Scientific Breakthrough Award
After providing a public health guide to parents with advice on healthy eating for children, improving the environmental footprint of food of school and university catering structures, she and her teams work towards healthy and sustainable diets at the regional level.

Behavioral nutrition

The awards

  • The Lifetime Achievement Award crowns the work and career of a researcher of international renown, who has made an outstanding contribution to their field of research.
  • The Scientific Breakthrough Award distinguishes a researcher who tackles an issue of major interest for our society.
  • The Promising Researcher Award rewards the particularly remarkable research of a recently recruited researcher.
  • The Science with an Impact Award distinguishes teams of researchers and research support staff whose collective project has transformed scientific knowledge for the benefit of society. 
  • The Innovation Award is given to an engineer or technician who has made a remarkable contribution to developing methods and tools for scientific projects or research infrastructure.
  • The Research Support Award is given to a member of staff who has significant accomplishments in experimental, training or transfer activities.

The international jury

  • Philippe Gillet, Honorary Vice-President for academic affairs at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) (Switzerland) 
  • Sylvie Baudino-Caissard, professor at the Université de Saint-Étienne (France)
  • Teresa Ferreira, professor at the University of Lisbonne (Portugal)
  • Alan Matthews, professor at Trinity College Dublin (Ireland)
  • Annick Mercenier, Chief Innovation Officer at Nutrileads in Zurich (Switzerland) 
  • John Porter, Professor at the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) 
  • Agnes van den Pol-van Dasselaar, Professor at Aeres University of Applied Sciences (the Netherlands)