Priority projects of international scope

Priority projects of international scope (PPIs) are part of INRAE's programme for national and European research strategies. The objective is to launch and steer broad research programmes focused on a key set of priority themes. To accomplish this task, INRAE must forge relationships with partners in Europe and farther afield who are working on these themes.

This approach is already manifest in INRAE's creation of bilateral partnerships, international associated laboratories (LIAs), and 2RI international research networks, as well as its coordination of European research projects. 

PPI listing:

  1. PPI Soils and Climate Change
  2. PPI Intestinal Microbiota and Health
  3. PPI Emerging infectious diseases - zoonoses and sapronoses
  4. PPI Agro-ecological crop protection
  5. PPI Adaptation of forests and agro-forests to climate change
  6. PPI Mediterranean (in progress)